Letters to the Editor

Trump on the Fourth: Patriotic success or all wet?

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump, arrives speaks to an Independence Day celebration in front of the Lincoln Memorial July 4, 2019.
President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump, arrives speaks to an Independence Day celebration in front of the Lincoln Memorial July 4, 2019. AP

Trump triumphed on the Fourth

President Donald Trump gave a beautiful history speech July 4. There was nothing political about it at all, despite what Democrats predicted. Everyone in our nation has the right to see the military, which keeps our country free.

As for the expense the Democrats are also boo-hooing about, look at the money wasted on the Mueller report, much less many other foolish things that go on in government. Fireworks were donated, just as they are in many of our cities.

Right now, all I can say is I am proud to be an American.

Nancy Williams,

Fort Worth

Was it divine intervention?

President Donald Trump’s Independence Day spectacle was rained on. I always knew there was a God.

Jim Sanderson,

Fort Worth

Noted right front and center

Thank you for the banner-worthy “Happy Fourth of July” embellishment at the top of the front page of the Star-Telegram on Independence Day. United we celebrate.

Patricia A. Taylor,

Fort Worth

Big difference in types of camp

Leftist politicians seem to have found a new term to use for where the government is holding would-be immigrants on the southern border: “concentration camps.”

Really? German camps were dire places where war prisoners, Jews, Gypsies, gays and the disabled were housed in overcrowded, environmentally uncontrolled buildings. They were fed scrap and gruel. They were forced to work, and if they couldn’t, they might be eliminated.

Comparing the detention centers in use today to concentration camps is a ridiculous exaggeration. The children are separated from their parents because their parents have broken the law. The children may be crowded, but they are there for a limited time. They are fed well. There is no forced labor.

Yes, America can be shamed for slavery, the Trail of Tears, Jim Crow and detention of Japanese Americans, but not for dealing with a border crisis that the left wants to use politically.

Charles Andrews,

Fort Worth

It’s like we are babysitters now

Look at the border situation this way: I pull up in a bus, and 40 children, ages 2 to 15, suddenly enter your house. They were not invited or expected, but now you are required to take care of them for at least 30 days.

By the way, your credit and debit cards have been canceled, and your check writing is limited to $40 per day. Don’t look for outside help. You are on your own.

We are watching to make sure you do this right. Good luck.

Jim Milburn,


Driving me crazy about licenses

The Star-Telegram’s June 30 front-page headline, “Nearly 1 million Texans on verge of getting driver’s licenses back,” made me laugh. I expect to see it in articles originating from The New York Times that you publish, but I am amazed to see the twisting of facts and torturing of logic you folks come up with for headlines.

It should have said, “Law-abiding Texas drivers on the verge of having a million drunks, bad drivers inflicted on them.”

I expect the spin doctoring from the likes of Leonard Pitts Jr. and Charles Blow, and locally from Bud Kennedy and Mac Engel (who used to write about sports).

But you folks have learned well from The Times how to put a leftist spin on a headline.

Dave King,

Blue Mound