Letters to the Editor

If people can’t get driver’s licenses, everything becomes harder

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Where the real responsibility lies

The driver-responsibility program brilliantly targeted the least vocal segment of the Texas population to impose almost inhumane fees, arrests and penalties. (June 30, 1A, “Nearly 1 million Texans on verge of getting driver’s licenses back”)

Low-income Texans have been subjected to extreme hardships for more than 15 years, and our politicians and the public did nothing to protect our least prosperous citizens.

It is the fault of our lawmakers and of each of us that we have allowed this flawed program to exist for way too long.

Patrick Jenkins,


Our tax dollars for a campaign rally

It is disgusting that President Donald Trump wants to make Independence Day, our country’s most sacred holiday, all about him. (July 2, 6A, “Trump says tanks will be part of July Fourth in DC”)

How much are we the taxpayers forking out to placate this man?

I thought the Republicans were the party of “fiscal responsibility.” They certainly don’t want to spend money on our infrastructure, expanding Medicaid or any attempt to curb climate change. But it’s OK to blow our money on Trump’s veiled campaign rally — on the national stage, in front of the beautiful Lincoln Memorial.

He is probably giddy at the idea, smiling almost as big as he does when he greets the murderers Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

How far America has come from the intelligent and admirable Abraham Lincoln.

Linda Carlow,


Veterans are just more important

I couldn’t believe you gave coverage that stretched over three pages, including two photographs, on Sunday to a few hundred people protesting the separation of immigrant children from their parents. (1A, “Group protesting child detentions won’t give up”)

The sign one held in a front-page photo read, “Do All Lives Still Matter?? Asking 4 a Kid in a Cage.”

How about the thousands of homeless American veterans who fought to keep our country safe and are now living on the streets? Why doesn’t your newspaper bring attention to their plight? They are U.S. citizens, and as such they should be taken care of before we worry about those in the country illegally.

Elaine Sabre,


All young people should serve

On Sunday, the Star-Telegram ran a story about young people signing up for military service. (1B, “Texas ranks high in encouraging youths to join the military”) I have been discharged from the Air Force for 69 years, and in that time, every veteran I’ve talked to has said that all young men should be required to serve at least two years in a branch of the service. I concur.

R.O. Harper,


Government doesn’t owe us this

There is an old saying that a democracy is 51% of the people taking everything from the other 49%. Bloomberg reports that 50% of all taxpayers paid 97% of individual income taxes in 2016. Yet in the first Democratic presidential debates, candidates pandered to the have-nots, suggesting we tax the rich more.

They promise to make everything free, free, free.

I’ve read the U.S. Constitution, and for the life of me, I can’t find anywhere in that beloved document that says anyone is entitled to good jobs, health care and old-age welfare. We need to realize that if the government gives you something, they took it from someone else.

Edward Vaughn Jr.,

Fort Worth