Letters to the Editor

Texas needs more cooperation like we saw with school finance


Democratic jokers on parade

Watching the first round of the Democratic presidential debates Wednesday, I found it moderately disturbing that any of these 10 thinks he or she has a remote chance of becoming president. I find it more disturbing that the candidates have raised more than $220 million in campaign contributions combined.

Chet Winans,

Fort Worth

A harbinger of what we need?

Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick sure are proud of their school finance bill, and I believe they should be. But the most important news was largely overlooked: the final votes in the Legislature.

The House voted 139-0 and the Senate voted 30-0 in favor of the bill. The two parties cooperated in an overwhelmingly bipartisan way to educate Texas children. No divisive proposals like school vouchers or bathroom bills got in the way.

Although Republicans largely took the credit, in my opinion HB3 sounds like a Democratic-type bill: using public money to improve a public service for all the people.

Now let’s hope they can continue working together.

Robert Bunata,

Fort Worth

Trump didn’t want border problem

Those who complain about the treatment of children at the border should have to spend at least a week there helping Border Patrol agents corral immigrants coming in illegally. What do they expect to happen when thousands show up at the border? We don’t have the facilities to house everyone, the personnel to handle the onslaught or the medical facilities to check everyone.

We are not obligated to open our borders to everyone who wishes to come here. To blame our current president for what is happening is to ignore what happened under past administrations.

President Donald Trump didn’t ask for this situation. He is hampered by the Democrats, who don’t really want to solve these problems but want them to continue as an election issue.

Clista Hancock,


Photo should be a constant reminder

I wish the horrific picture of the father and daughter who died in the Rio Grande while seeking the chance for freedom would be put on a U.S. postage stamp. That way, we’d never forget we are capable of barbarous acts and lack a sane and compassionate leader.

Michael Normile,


This shouldn’t be about politics

Regarding the state of our southern border, I can only say that I am beyond frustrated with our leaders in Congress. Both parties have been absolutely useless in trying to solve the problem. They seem content to use the crisis to pummel the other side with talking points aimed at inflaming the emotions of their respective bases.

All of us deserve better from these losers. Can they please grow consciences and do what needs to be done to at least begin to resolve this nightmare?

Leslie Phillips,

Fort Worth

No solutions for health care

In the Democratic presidential debates, we witnessed a futile debate about free health care for all. Obamacare doesn’t compute to give better health care to more people for less money. Health care is available, but you must factor in severity, availability, mobility, hospital capacity, transportation and many other considerations.

Many countries have universal care, but they have problems. I am a doctor, and in four hours of simultaneous shouting, I didn’t hear one reference to the physicians who would provide that care.

Donald Matheson,

Fort Worth