Letters to the Editor

Why no vigil for the Dallas courthouse shooter, too?

Law enforcement investigate a vehicle tied to an active shooter incident at the Earle Cabell Federal Building on Monday, June 17.
Law enforcement investigate a vehicle tied to an active shooter incident at the Earle Cabell Federal Building on Monday, June 17. TNS

Keep parks available to all

Our public parks were not created to make money, and the Fort Worth Botanic Garden was not intended to be a plaything for the rich. (June 19, 9A, “Fort Worth Botanic Garden fee structure may add exceptions”)

To maintain the health and sanity of our community, we must assure that these quiet and beautiful places of repose and renewal remain free and accessible to all residents.

Betty Winton Fay,

Fort Worth

It’s just a ploy to help Democrats

There has been much hubbub about Tarrant County extending its participation in the 287(g) program to assist the federal government with immigration law enforcement. (June 19, 1A, “Tarrant County officials extend immigration enforcement program”)

Some advocates harp about the program’s expense to taxpayers. It’s a drop in the bucket compared with the taxpayer expense to provide free education to children here illegally, as well as free medical care and other services.

It seems obvious that law enforcement agencies should help each other enforce the law. The only reason we are having this debate is that liberals see every immigrant deported as one vote fewer for the Democratic Party.

Anyone here legally should have no fear of this program. Anyone not here legally should leave.

Judy Jones,

Fort Worth

Law enforcement’s duties

Bravo to Tarrant County officials for agreeing to allow sheriff’s deputies to enforce federal immigration law at the county jail.

The question should never have been on the agenda to begin with. All law enforcement and elected officials in Tarrant County and America should enforce our laws.

Jack O. Lewis,

Haltom City

Dollar stores have big upsides

Rolling Hills and other communities are protesting against free enterprise by targeting chain dollar stores. (June 16, 1A, “Another dollar store? One neighborhood says enough”)

Yes, the stores are ubiquitous, but they serve a purpose by catering to low- and medium-income people in underserved communities with inexpensive products, some brand names, a frozen-food section, toys and party and school supplies for children.

There are more dollar stores than the behemoths Walmart and McDonald’s. Walmart has had to compete against dollar stores, too, by introducing its own dollar aisles.

It boils down to jealousy, and Dollar Tree stores are family-oriented, with no alcohol or tobacco sold. Viva dollar stores.

Delores Cantrell,

Fort Worth

Two incidents, same result

Let’s compare JaQuavion Slaton, killed by Fort Worth police, and Brian Isaack Clyde, the Dallas courthouse shooter.Slaton was carrying a weapon and running from police and had warrants out for his arrest. Clyde, a former Army veteran, was carrying a weapon and running from law enforcement. Why did supporters hold a vigil and demand police accountability for Slaton but not for Clyde?

The police saved our community in both situations. If both had surrendered, both would be alive. They chose a similar path and rightfully ended with the same result.

Darin Richolson,

North Richland Hills

Laughable liberal letter writers

Sunday’s liberal letters to the editor were entertaining. One suggested that Texas Republican politicians do their constitutional duty concerning children brought to the country illegally. Both parties should scrap current law and allow only immigrants who follow the law into our country.

Another letter vilifies President Donald Trump as “disloyal” for his plea for Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s missing emails. That’s rubbish.

I suggest the House committee chairs get on with the nation’s business and stop the political posturing.

Bill Lawson,