Letters to the Editor

Why should Randy Gregory make the NFL change its drug playbook?

No sympathy for wealthy athletes

Regarding the Cowboys’ Randy Gregory and the NFL drug rules: Why even suggest that a drug-use rule be changed to accommodate someone so stupid that he threw away a very lucrative career? (June 15, 1B, “If the Cowboys want Gregory back, Jones has to get NFL to update its drug policy”)

No one, with the exception of bleeding hearts, should feel sorry for well-paid professional athletes. These are college-educated individuals. Did they not learn to read and comprehend what a simple rule says?

To suggest that the drug rules be changed is an affront to every player in every sport. When are the owners going to stop coddling these “rules-don’t-apply-to-me” athletes?

Vernon Greenwood,


We pay, so we need to know

It is time to form a committee to review incidents when police officers kill suspects, including the full video from body cameras worn by officers. Since taxpayers pay for these body cams, the public has the right to know the results when cops kill another person. After all, we pay their salaries.

A.J. Armstrong,


Parents are really the ones who failed

Fort Worth police officers risk their lives every day to protect and serve their community, and the last thing they need is to reach the end of their watch at the hands of a criminal. When it comes time for them to go home to their families, they need to go home to their families.

So, parents, get a clue. There isn’t a 20-year-old in this city who has any business walking around the streets with a gun in his hand and a warrant out for his arrest.

If you’re teaching and encouraging your disrespectful children to run away from law enforcement when they’ve screwed up instead of taking responsibility for their actions, that isn’t the fault of the police; that’s on you.

Darrell Bartell,

Fort Worth

Can’t kick this same can forever

President Donald Trump thinks he has successfully moved our southern border to Mexico’s border with Guatemala and forced Mexico to keep immigrants from crossing it under threat of tariffs. That’s apparently how Mexico will “pay for the wall.”

Trump has been unable to persuade Congress to spend billions for a wall or approve redirecting other federal funds.

Unfortunately, businesses are tiring of tariffs that will cause rising costs for imported goods that Americans will have to pay.

Mexico will do only so much to placate Trump. He has already pledged billions of tax dollars to American farmers to soften the blow of foreign countries’ tariffs because farmers helped elect him.

One way or another, we pay.

Deana Glenn,

Fort Worth

Black and white can go two ways

Richard Greene just can’t help himself. He has tunnel-vision when it comes to recognizing Republicans’ shortcomings, especially those of President Donald Trump. (June 16, 5B, “When Trump wins Tarrant Co. again, he should thank Mueller”)

He thinks Republicans can do no wrong but blames Democrats for anything and everything. What about the federal debt? Republicans have greatly added to it. What about health care? Trump and Republicans want Americans to do without. What about the environment? Republicans, and especially Trump, are doing just about everything they can to destroy it.

I don’t know about you, folks, but I see nothing good about today’s Republicans.

Edward Lindsay,

Fort Worth