Letters to the Editor

You won’t see me at a prayer vigil for JaQuavion Slaton

When on our team, rules are different

There is a problem with a player on the U.S. women’s soccer team: Team co-captain Megan Rapinoe will not participate in the national anthem.

When you play for our national team, you should not denigrate the country. Remove her from the team immediately. If this means losing the tournament, so be it. Loyalty to your country when playing for a national team rises above winning.

I question the loyalty of the U.S. Soccer Federation, coaches, players and sponsors for allowing this abomination to continue.

Millions of men and women have died to protect Rapinoe’s right to free speech, but not when you play for one of our national sports teams.

Michael Schroeder,


No fair shakes on home appraisals

If you want to maintain respect for the result, never watch sausage or legislation being made. There is a third: Never watch the Tarrant Appraisal District or the called Appraisal Review Board set the market value of your home.

The appraisal district ignores such things as cracked driveways, failing fences, 25-year-old air conditioners and failed retaining walls, even though any thinking person knows they would affect market value.

But the worst is the review board. You get five minutes to contest a huge increase in appraised value, but the board generally rubber stamps the appraisers’ decision.

The process is laughable. The Legislature needs to correct this mess, and voters need to purge senators and representatives who fail to support such reforms.

Frank Carroll,


How was this news not bigger?

President Donald Trump went on national TV last week and announced that he would look at any negative information about a campaign adversary given to him by a foreign power. That’s after he vehemently denied there was collusion between his campaign and the Russians in 2016.

It’s beyond me how the Fort Worth Star-Telegram thought this startling revelation was so insignificant that it was relegated to a three-inch column on Page 10A. (June 13, “Trump open to hearing foreign dirt on rivals”)

You’ve devoted more coverage to a fired Fort Worth teacher than to a president who ignores the rule of law and has threatened our very democracy.

Your editors should be ashamed for their poor judgment.

Sharon Austry,

Fort Worth

Someone isn’t listening closely

I can’t help but notice several letters to the editor recently suggesting a code of conduct when dealing with police officers — the people we hire to keep us safe: “Do exactly what they say so they don’t shoot you,” has been the message of multiple recent letters to the editor.

Am I expecting too much from our police force, or are the other writers missing the irony of the situation?

Dennis Novak,

Fort Worth

I think Slaton got what he deserved

I was so glad to see the response to the JaQuavion Slaton shooting from many people. Slaton ran and refused to comply with police.

There was no need for all the protests.

It appears to me that he was guilty as sin. How can you hold a vigil for someone like that?

It was not a race issue. No matter the color of your skin, if you run from police and brandish a firearm, you’re going to get shot — rightfully so.

Raise your children to respect the law rather than fear officers. This would be a terrible place without the police.

William Campbell,

Fort Worth