Letters to the Editor

Cheers to Nick Lodolo of Texas Christian University

Nick Lodolo
Nick Lodolo Star-Telegram file photo

Cheers: To Texas Rehabilitation Hospital of Fort Worth. My wife was a patient there after back surgery. The entire staff was professional and very caring. Special cheers to physical therapists Tessa and Meredith, who gave the greatest of care and were so patient. It’s no wonder this facility is rated near the top nationally.

Cliff Jensen,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To the Arlington Fire Department’s emergency medical technicians. Before my husband’s death, I had to call them many times to help him up from falls. The EMTs were nice and caring and, they always arrived within minutes of my calls. Thank you for taking care of my beloved husband.

Linnie Kanehl,


Jeers: To the Star-Telegram’s Jeff Wilson for his five choices to fill out the Texas Rangers’ Mount Rushmore. (June 8, 1B, “As Beltre takes place on Rangers’ Mount Rushmore, who else should join him?”) The most obvious choice you glaringly missed was former Mayor Tom Vandergriff. Without him, there would be no Texas Rangers.

Bill Tillotson,


Cheers: To the supervisor at the Fort Worth office of the Social Security Administration. Kenneth Johnson was a hero this week to a young lady who needed some knowledgeable assistance. Thank you so much, Mr. Johnson.

Krista Dunham,


Cheers: To Nick Lodolo of Texas Christian University, the first pitcher selected in the recent Major League Baseball draft (at No. 7 overall), and for his great quote crediting TCU head coach Jim Schlossnagle and other coaches for improving his skills and his personal life. (June 13, 1B, “TCU’s Nick Lodolo latest example of why going to college can pay off”) Lodolo was drafted 41st after high school and turned down the Pittsburgh Pirates’ offer of $1.75 million to attend TCU. Cheers also to Brandon Williamson, selected in the second round, and the other seven Horned Frogs drafted, which made the nine a record for the school.

Taylor Crouch,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To Ella Johnson, who recently retired from the Fort Worth Club after serving members and their guests for 50 years. Here’s a big thank-you for your loyalty and unprecedented 50-year tenure. Your presence, wit and attention to detail will be missed but never forgotten. Enjoy your retirement — you deserve it.

Chris Leito,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To the City Council’s high weeds and grass policies, and to those who decided to include an insert on it in our recent water bill. Fort Worth’s policy of allowing grass and weeds to be 12 inches high is shameful. Surrounding cities require yards to be kept at six- or nine-inch heights.

Mellanie Clay,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To Lisa Buck and her volunteers at the North Central Texas Chapter of Alzheimer’s Association offices on West Freeway in Fort Worth. Lisa plans and hosts informative, fun, uplifting events for patients and caregivers every Friday morning. Her attitude and efforts brighten lives and reduce stress.

Gene and Sherry Swenson,


Cheers: To Bud Kennedy for his outstanding column on Fort Worth’s 170th birthday. (June 2, 1A, “At age 170, here are 7 things Fort Worth is known for”) It was well researched, with lots of stories about the people and events that make Fort Worth such a great place.

Tom Reneau,