Letters to the Editor

Did Georgia Clark hurt or help Republicans’ causes? That depends


Don’t forget college’s jazz bands

Michael Ryan’s column regarding the numerous offerings of medical and technical studies at Tarrant County College campuses was indeed impressive. (June 6, 9A, “Tarrant County College: amazing affordable access to higher education”)

I would like to add to that list three of Fort Worth’s finest jazz bands.

These 17-piece bands are led by Rick Stitzel, an amazing trumpet player and a prolific arranger who has written more than 50 jazz arrangements for student and professional bands. Rick is a former conductor of the Fort Worth Rodeo Band and has taught at TCC for more than two decades.

The TCC jazz bands usually give two concerts per semester, depending on the availability of suitable venues.

Fort Worth is blessed to have these bands and their leader.

Winston Barney,

Fort Worth

Schools have bigger problems

I am an unapologetic moral, social and fiscal conservative. However, Cynthia Allen’s assertion that the liberals will unjustly make fodder out of the firing of Fort Worth Carter-Riverside High School teacher Georgia Clark is one that I respectfully disagree with. (June 7, 11A, “Teacher's immigration tweets will unfairly hurt conservatives”)

Conservatives have long ceased to care what liberals think or do. Clark was fired because she used “inappropriate language,” not because she tweeted at President Donald Trump. Teachers are supposed to be role models.

I understand Clark’s frustration. She is faced with a school culture that includes a lack of respect. She was guilty of not choosing her words wisely, but should her First Amendment rights get trampled on and should she be fired from her job because of it?

We have systemic problems in our schools. Let’s address those before we start firing teachers because of their poor choice of words.

Carol Guarnieri,

Fort Worth

Hateful Republicans reap what they sow

Although the actions of Georgia Clark aren’t helping the Republican Party, it is safe to say that these incidents and comments are no longer coming from the party’s fringes.

The minute that the majority of Republicans decided to promote Donald Trump to the highest office in the country, they made this sort of overtly hateful behavior acceptable. Trump made his anti-immigration stance a huge part of his presidential campaign.

Absolutely no one who understands that is surprised by Clark’s behavior. The mindset has permeated through millions of Republicans throughout the country.

There’s nothing unfair happening to conservatives; they’re doing this to themselves.

Megan Malone,


New dangers await at intersections

Yellow means go! That’s the new reality in Texas traffic intersections. (June 5, 4A, “Red light cameras have already gone dark in these Tarrant County cities”) Thanks to Rep. Jonathan Stickland and Gov. Greg Abbott, Texans no longer have to be concerned with slowing for yellow lights or receiving tickets for running red ones. The red-light cameras are turned off.

No more being bothered with minor taps of the rear bumper by the impatient driver behind you. What we will probably see is more memorials at intersections caused by those who were in too big a hurry to stop.

After 35 years as a first responder, I can tell you that side-impact collisions are usually much worse for the occupants than rear collisions. My advice is to proceed with caution entering an intersection on a green light: The guy coming across may be in a hurry.

Gary Garrett,

Fort Worth