Letters to the Editor

Free speech rights go both ways, from teachers to NFL players

The Columbus Dispatch

For consistency’s sake, I wonder …

A letter to the editor published Thursday concerning the recent firing of Fort Worth teacher Georgia Clark for unintentionally publicly tweeting derogatory remarks about immigrants complains that our First Amendment rights are being destroyed by “leftist extremists.” (9A)

I wonder whether the writer expressed a similar point of view about the free speech rights of NFL players who chose to kneel in protest of police brutality.

Stuart Snow,


Will Johnson works for everyone

Regarding Thursday’s front-page story, “Arlington policy questioned after chief accused of using racial slur,” about the complaint filed against Arlington Police Chief Will Johnson for allegedly using the N-word while describing a resident’s story of finding the slur written on her car: I know Chief Johnson to be a man of high integrity and an advocate for all races.

Chris Ceballos, president of the Arlington Municipal Patrolman Association, was quoted as saying, “Why he said it doesn’t matter.” Really?

If Johnson was recounting the story of an injustice done to an African American woman and repeating the facts of the incident to make a point so that more will be done to protect the innocent, I believe context does matter.

Chief Johnson is deeply invested in making Arlington a city where people of all skin colors can live together peacefully.

Janice Graber,


Overreact much? This is too far

Thursday’s Star-Telegram had three articles about those who supposedly committed the unforgivable sin of offending someone with words.

One dealt with an Arlington police chief who apparently offended one of his sensitive officers by repeating a word related by a resident who was sharing the story of what had happened to her. If this offended a cop, then he needs to find another line of work.

The second dealt with the termination of a Fort Worth teacher who was guilty of — gasp — voicing her objection to illegal immigration.

But the head-shaker was the situation in the Kennedale school district. (6A, “Kennedale superintendent accused of racism won’t be disciplined”) The superintendent was accused of yelling at a black student and calling him “boy.” They even brought in the NAACP for counsel.

This kind of mob mentality is what’s wrong with public education. It cheapens real racism when it takes place. Thank God for private and church schools.

Bob Morrison,


Trump showed how wrong polls are

Thursday’s article about a new presidential poll was an insult to anyone who knows history. (4A, “Trump in a dead heat with Biden, Sanders, other Democrats in Texas, new presidential poll shows”)

The polls in 2016 indicated that Donald Trump would not win. The media, including this newspaper, pushed the Democratic candidate, just as this new poll is doing.

Why should anyone care about this new poll? Fortunately, many like me will ignore your propaganda and look at the president’s accomplishments.

Paul Ward,


Traffic scofflaws must be stopped

I don’t appreciate the politicians who made red-light cameras illegal. I watch people run traffic lights every day, and those signals are not by any means yellow. Drivers see a light turn yellow and floor it when they had plenty of time to stop.

Slow down, people. Live longer and, more important, let someone else live longer.

William Campbell,

Fort Worth