Letters to the Editor

Texas Legislature lets down homeowners on plumber oversight

Texas homeowners, you’re in danger

The future of professional plumbing, as well as the safety and wallets of Texas homeowners, is in jeopardy. Because of inaction by the Texas Legislature, the State Board of Plumbing Examiners will be dissolved, and plumbers will no longer be required to renew their licenses, pursue continuing education or carry general liability insurance if they operate a business. (May 29, 13A, “Rating the Texas Legislature”)

Without regulations, we run the risk of sending thousands of unqualified plumbers into homes. And without an insurance requirement to perform plumbing, there is no doubt that homeowners’ insurance rates will skyrocket.

Gov. Greg Abbott announced he has the capability to keep the state board running, but the details remain unclear. And although he told Texans, “Don’t worry,” Texas homeowners should be concerned about a deregulated plumbing industry.

Jeff Sims,

Little Elm

Second strike and they’re out for me

For the second time in three years, Carnival Cruise Line and its Princess Cruises subsidiary have been fined for dumping waste in the ocean in clear and intentional violation of the laws.

In 2016, they were fined $40 million, and more recently, they were fined $20 million. Obviously, the fines aren’t significant enough to dissuade them from this disgusting behavior.

I have taken their cruises a couple times, but never again.

Don Kinard,


Electoral College subverts public will

It never fails to amaze me that we still have the Electoral College. We do not need it anymore. We are educated enough to make our own decisions.

The popular vote clearly indicated that the people’s choice in 2016 was Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump. We need a professional politician, not an amateur, in the White House. We do not need a president who is inexperienced and attempts to lead our country with temper tantrums and by bullying Congress.

Think for yourselves, and next time vote for a professional politician for president. We need more elected officials like Hillary Clinton, Sen. Bernie Sanders or Beto O’Rourke.

Barbara Price,

Fort Worth

Briles will instill good values

The hiring of Art Briles as Mount Vernon High School coach will be a blessing to many. (May 25, 1B, “Former Baylor coach takes job at high school in Mt. Vernon”)

I worked with Briles in the early 1980s at Sweetwater High School, teaching co-ed physical education. I was initially impressed with his encouragement of students. These were not the elite athletes of our school. However, he challenged all of them to be the best they could be in PE class and in life.

Art was consistently positive and upbeat, and he encouraged good character traits on all levels.

It’s time to get back to where positive motivation, hard work and good character traits can be taught by coach Briles to young people at a Texas high school.

Cindy Maloney,

Ozark, Mo.

Only some opinions OK at school?

The Fort Worth school board sent a message to all school district employees regarding a teacher’s tweets: If you don’t agree with what we do, you better keep your mouth shut about it. (June 6, 1A, “Fort Worth teacher fired over racist language plans appeal”)

I don’t know if the teacher’s opinion about immigrants in Fort Worth schools was right or wrong. I do know she had an insider’s perspective of the situation. If the administration won’t allow employees to voice their opinions, the public will hear only student and administration points of view.

The teacher didn’t advocate violence, and there was no name-calling. The school board chose the wrong lesson.

Randy Weeks,