Letters to the Editor

Was Fort Worth teacher fired for Trump tweets treated fairly?

Tweets were just free speech

Regarding Georgia Clark, the Fort Worth teacher fired after she tweeted at President Donald Trump about illegal immigrants (June 5, 1A, “Fort Worth board votes to fire teacher following immigration tweets”): Who destroyed our First Amendment right of free speech and when? Or is it being destroyed by leftist extremists who scream and holler and have a conniption fit every time they hear a view they disagree with or don’t approve of?

Charles Daniel,

Sun City

Teachers must set an example

Georgia Clark deserves her termination. Posting any political opinion, especially an opinion on a topic that is so sensitive, is risky. Regardless of the political content — which in this instance is very troubling — she should not have set that as an example for her students.

She is a representative of our education system and should comport herself as such. Moreover, she is a role model for her students, and that is not a good example to set.

Andrew Nobler,

Fort Worth

Not for kids, or adults either

I was so surprised to read May 24 that a movie critic wrote that the R-rated movie “Booksmart” is “not only one of the best movies of the year, but one of the best high school movies of all time.” (2C, “Booksmart’ is one of the best high school movies ever”)

No one needs to see or hear about sex, bad language, drugs and drinking among teens — or us adults. Reconsider such badness.

Midred Dixon,

North Richland Hills

A good reason TCU was out front

Contrary to a Wednesday letter that objected to a recent Texas Tech baseball victory not getting front-page play in the sports section, I think the Fort Worth Star-Telegram does get it. (17A)

TCU is the hometown team and therefore gets the local stories. I’m very proud of Tech and its recent sports accomplishments, but I don’t see any reason to put down the accomplishments of the Horned Frogs because your team is not getting the press coverage you think it deserves.

Good luck to Tech in its quest to win the College World Series, and go Frogs (who very much deserved to be in the regionals).

Carolyn Matthews,

Fort Worth

You got it wrong, Star-Telegram

The Star-Telegram has written about Fort Worth losing its identity to Dallas, so it’s really sad when the supposed hometown newspaper calls a flight from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport as coming from Dallas (May 31, 8A, “Man dies from cardiac arrest on flight from DFW to London”)

DFW Airport is not Dallas. It is an entity unto itself. I question why I even take a paper that doesn’t know where the big airport is.

Gary Swanzy,

Fort Worth

Adults are failing all of our children

Recent news about massive flooding in Oklahoma, Arkansas and central Fort Worth and the destruction caused by unprecedented tornadoes across the country should be effective rebuttals to the climate-change deniers.

Weather changes are bringing on great destruction affecting millions of people, and yet deniers won’t face the huge problems brought on by human activities harmful to our fragile Earth. Sadly, we are leaving our children and grandchildren an Earth with rising sea levels, uncontrollable pollution and ever-increasing destructive weather patterns.

We need to act as responsible adults and address climate change now, before it is too late.

Douglas Harman,

Fort Worth