Letters to the Editor

Why does the Star-Telegram favor TCU over Texas Tech?

Where can I get this deal myself?

You can’t make this stuff up: Texas Secretary of State David Whitley resigned after a botched voter inactivation that cost the taxpayers $450,000 and was rehired as a “Deputy Director II” and special adviser to the governor. (June 2, 4A, “Former Texas secretary of state back on payroll after resigning post”) His new salary is $205,000 — a pay increase of nearly $8,000.

House Speaker Dennis Bonnen blamed the voter fiasco on the Department of Public Safety, but if Whitley was innocent, he should have been cleared and kept his job.

I reckon our Texas politics is just a good ol’ boys network.

Harry Thompson,


It’s up to us if government punts

Kudos to Star-Telegram reporter Tessa Weinberg for pointing out that while allocating $1.7 billion for Hurricane Harvey recovery, the Texas Legislature again failed to address climate change. (June 2, 1A, “Experts: Ignoring climate change is reckless”)

Gov. Greg Abbott remains unsure whether human activity affects global warming. Unwillingness to recognize this reality may be the greatest tragedy of our partisan divide.

Having arrogantly abandoned the Paris climate agreement, the Trump administration has recklessly abrogated environmental regulations intended to limit carbon emissions.

As individuals, we should do all we can to protect the environment, but our individual impact is limited. We must vote for politicians who will resist lobbyists’ pressure and support policies to develop clean energy, protect our water and assure breathable air.

Paul W. Hartman,

Fort Worth

Love for TCU, but not for Tech

You Star-Telegram editors just don’t get it.

You ran a front-page article in the sports section about TCU winning a stay-alive baseball game (June 3, 1B, “Henry, Guenther and Wolfe slug TCU into regional final”), but nothing about Texas Tech winning its regional.

There are more Tech alumni in the area than TCU alums. Tech is the eighth-ranked team in the country. TCU probably shouldn’t have even been in a regional.

Tech gets no respect from the Star-Telegram.

Al Shields,


Don’t be confused about taxes

I continue to be amazed at the confusion and lack of knowledge about property taxes. A writer said in a May 31 letter that “the taxing entity doesn’t have to raise the tax rate to create more revenue; it simply raises the valuation of your home.” (9A)

The taxing entity (school district, county, city and others) has no control over home valuations. That is done by the county appraisal district based on current value, as required by state law.

Do the appraisers sometimes make errors in the values they assign to properties? Possibly, and those can be appealed.

The taxing entities then apply their separate tax rates. The combined tax rates from the taxing entities times the appraised value is your total property tax.

Stephen P. Hammack,


Pulling down top not just a prank

Someone needs to inform a Tuesday letter writer that “dumb things” such as pulling down the top of a young lady at a St. Patrick’s Day parade are considered sexual harassment — a crime that has brought down movie moguls, Hollywood hotshots, TV personalities, government officials and, yes, athletes. (9A)

Incidentally, I’ve seen the video. What did this young lady do to provoke Zeke Elliot?

Patsy R. Abbott,