Letters to the Editor

Why did Rep. Kay Granger say yes to war powers without end?

U.S. Special Forces soldiers near Manbij, in northern Syria, on Feb. 7, 2018.
U.S. Special Forces soldiers near Manbij, in northern Syria, on Feb. 7, 2018. New York Times file photo

Listen to what Mueller didn’t say

So the Democrats would give the country an uncomfortable choice: “Who ya gonna believe — us or your own lying eyes?”

After two years, we learned that the constant drumbeat of Russian collusion was false. Yes, there was Russian involvement in our election process (although no votes were affected). But no, special counsel Robert Mueller produced no evidence that the Trump campaign collaborated actively with the Russian government. This is stated in Mueller’s report.

But then, Mueller decided to publicly suggest that only Congress could really investigate and punish the great crimes of the legally elected president. The special counsel did not charge President Donald Trump with any crime.

No matter — the Democrats and the media will now sally forth to impeach the monster. And the business of the country? On the back burner.

Michael Korenman,

Fort Worth

Take action now to protect the future

What is being done to make sure our elections are not messed with again by the Russians or any other foreign power? When are the leaders of our country going to investigate the 2016 election? Do we need to go back to paper ballots?

This is a threat to our great country. I want our country to be a democracy and be great for our grandchildren. We need to know that our votes count.

Lois Campbell,


No longer any moral high ground

Conservatives who impeached President Bill Clinton for lying remain eerily mute now their party’s president repeatedly lies, routinely breaks the laws of God and man, and commits high crimes and misdemeanors.

They ignore a foreign adversary’s proven interference into our elections (which, as the president admitted on Twitter Thursday morning, assisted in his victory). They dismiss our moral imperatives — care of the aged, the young, the poor, the hungry, the weak, the sick and the imprisoned — as entitlements.

Conservatives’ prior zeal for cutting spending under Democratic administrations has also disappeared with the deficit-busting “middle-class tax cut” that really wasn’t.

Republicans can no longer claim to be the party of fiscal conservatism and the rule of law, as they did under President Barack Obama.

Robert Moore,

Fort Worth

Congress neglects its duties once more

I was disappointed that Rep. Kay Granger voted against an amendment last week that would have repealed the blank check Congress has given presidents since 2001 to wage endless wars without debate or direct authorization.

The Authorization for Use of Military Force has justified U.S. military action in more than a dozen countries. There are recruits entering our military today who have never known a country at peace.

Granger says she can’t vote to repeal the authorization without knowing what will replace it. What must replace it is Congress doing its job: debating the merits of each military action, outlining objectives and setting an end date for conflict.

Lois Way,

Fort Worth

Lower enrollment isn’t all bad news

After reading the May 19 front-page story “As Fort Worth grows, school leaders fight declining enrollment,” I thought: Isn’t this great? Then we could have lower student-teacher ratios, more efficiency, better management and less strained class environments.

Actually, maybe more learning would take place as teachers could focus on instruction, not crowd control.

Gayle Gunter,

Retired Fort Worth ISD teacher,

Fort Worth