Letters to the Editor

Jeers to the thumbs-up for teen-inappropriate ‘Booksmart’

Beanie Feldstein, left, and Kaitlyn Dever in a scene from the film “Booksmart,” directed by Olivia Wilde.
Beanie Feldstein, left, and Kaitlyn Dever in a scene from the film “Booksmart,” directed by Olivia Wilde. AP

Jeers: To Katie Walsh for her review of the movie “Booksmart.” (May 24, 2C, “Booksmart’ is one of the best high school movies ever”) She called it “not only one of the best movies of the year, but one of the best high school movies of all time” — open-minded, modern, enlightened. But it’s rated R for strong sexual content and language throughout, drug use and drinking — all involving teens.

Gwen Gaither,


Cheers: To Rick Mitchell, chief meteorologist at NBC 5, for his excellent coverage of the severe weather and tornado warnings Wednesday. His calm and informative coverage was timely without undue histrionics. His time as a chief meteorologist in Oklahoma City shows in his vast experience with the worst weather. Well done, Rick.

Jim Blackwell,


Cheers: To the nurses and staff at The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders on West Magnolia Avenue. My husband and I were there for an appointment when the alarms started coming in that tornadoes were in the area. The staff directed us to the basement and into a room used for radiation and robotic surgeries. Many patients were in wheelchairs, some had oxygen tanks and most had people who had accompanied them for procedures. Brittany, one of the nurses, diverted our attention by explaining what the various pieces of equipment were used for. For once, the center was a very good place to be.

Margaret Hamlin,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To whoever who paid for our lunch at the Swiss Pastry Shop on May 2. What a wonderful surprise.

Barbara and

Richard Cox,


Cheers: To James McGuin, pharmacy manager of Kroger on South Bowen Road in Arlington. He is always ready to help his customers, whether it is for information or getting their prescriptions ready. He is always cheerful, polite and professional, no matter how busy he might be.

Arlyn Witten,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To the TCU women’s rifle team, with head coach Karen Monez and assistant coach Hannah Black. Winning the NCAA team championship and small-bore championship, as well as Elizabeth Marsh and Kristen Hemphill capturing individual national championships in small-bore and air rifle, was amazing. This is TCU’s third overall national title since 2010.

Richard Sybesma,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To Dr. Michael Morris and staff at Animal Hospital Southwest in Fort Worth. He has been in our lives for more than 30 years. Recently, we lost my last beloved “grand dog.” My daughter and I will be forever grateful for your excellent care and empathy.

Ellen O’Neal,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To Tarrant Appraisal District for its service on the last day to file property tax appeals. When the doors opened, the staff was organized, efficient, polite and knowledgeable to handle the long line of waiting procrastinators. What I expected to take at least all morning was resolved satisfactorily in 10 minutes.

Warren Gould,

Fort Worth

Cheers: For my recent ride in MedStar Mobile Healthcare to the emergency room at Texas Health Southwest Fort Worth with the crew of R. Swindle and S. Corel. Nurse Jamie also gave me excellent care upon arrival at the hospital. I am so appreciative of all of you.

Donna McKee,

Fort Worth