Letters to the Editor

One crucial question about abortion: What about the men?

A demonstrator holds up a sign during a protest against abortion bans on May 21 in New York City.
A demonstrator holds up a sign during a protest against abortion bans on May 21 in New York City. The Associated Press

Let’s remember them all together

As we enjoy the blessings of family and friends this Memorial Day, let’s take a moment to recollect the reason for this occasion.

We honor the men and women who sacrificed their lives so we may enjoy the freedoms we hold so dear. I ask you to unite with family and friends in a national moment of remembrance at 3 p.m. Monday to reflect on the sacrifices made in defense of our values, and to remember our service members lost in service to our nation.

For more than 150 years, Memorial Day has been a national holiday honoring those Americans. Let us remember our history and see our present, so the thousands of Americans who have served and lost their lives to war, from days past to present, will not be forgotten.

Eliseo “Al” Cantu Jr.,

Chairman, Texas Veterans Commission,


No to socialism in students’ SAT tests

Will the company that administers the SAT test invalidate some students’ scores? (May 17, 6A, “SAT ‘adversity score’ to rate students’ hardships”) Its plan to equalize scores by giving extra credit to applicants from impoverished areas or single-parent homes smacks of socialism.

Raising true scores will force universities to “dumb down” classes to meet abilities of students with exalted scores. It will devalue the diploma. Even worse, it will frustrate the graduates who fail their employers because their qualifications are overstated.

Myretta Bell,


This can’t be the new American way

A recent letter writer wonders why people get upset about President Donald Trump’s immorality, citing other immoral presidents such as John F. Kennedy with Marilyn Monroe and Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky. (May 19, 6B) In other words, so what?

Well, morality doesn’t pertain only to sex. Morality also pertains to honesty, ethics and basic good behavior. It is a well-established fact that Trump is a liar. He also is a bully, engages in awful name-calling and puts down others, both in public and in tweets. He consorts with criminals, issues threats and practices nepotism, and his greed is off the charts. And that’s not just my opinion; it’s documented truth.

The problem is that Trump’s immorality may contaminate the country. When he gets away with what he does, supporters might think they can get away with it, too. Sexual immorality, lying, bullying, nepotism, criminality and greed might soon be what Americans are known for. That is sad.

Melinda Jane Vaughan,

River Oaks

We can all agree that some of our past presidents committed less-than-the-most moral acts. However, their failures do not in any way excuse the actions of our current president. The letter writer’s “what about” argument is a worthless attempt to direct attention away from President Donald Trump’s constant shortcomings.

Roger Tuttle,

Fort Worth

One half left out of the equation

The states that are imposing new, restrictive (I would say draconian) bills to take away women’s reproductive rights, and to even make it a crime to have an abortion, should penalize the men involved, too.

It does take two. A man who is responsible for making a woman pregnant should be required, at the minimum, to pay child support or be subject to a heavy penalty if he doesn’t. Why are women the only party of the pregnancy being penalized?

Also, to help prevent pregnancies, women should have easy access to birth-control methods.

Charles Clines,

North Richland Hills