Letters to the Editor

The United States Postal Service keeps letting me down

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We’re all going to be paying

President Donald Trump says he wants to relocate tens of thousands of immigrants across the country.

Get your piggy banks out. Remember as kids we had these and put our coins in for future purchases.

Citizens need to save for the walking-around money, housing and medical expenses — and Social Security, if the immigrants become citizens — provided these new neighbors, because the bill is coming.

Inflation is a hidden tax included with all others, caused by global funding giveaways, banking bailouts, congressional appropriations and, oh yeah, welfare.

Mark W. Cate,

Fort Worth

They aren’t delivering for me

The issues with the United States Postal Service here in Haltom City are a joke. I have not received any direct mail to my address in three weeks. I have called, emailed, messaged via social media and more.

I have been told that the USPS is not responsible for anyone’s mail. Its workers “do not get paid to babysit anyone’s mail” — those were a customer service representative’s direct words at the Broadway Avenue office.

I have had two checks mailed to me. They, along with any other mail that has my address directly on it, have not made it to me.

I demanded to be called by both the postmaster general and the inspector general, and I was told someone would contact me within 48 hours. It has been three weeks, and no contact. Please help.

Misty Vernon,

Haltom City

Two empty vessels of freedom

I recently watched the 1995 movie “Braveheart” again. There is a scene where William Wallace has been knighted after leading the defeat of the English army. The nobles who knighted him were arguing to negotiate with England, and Wallace was arguing for victory in the field.

Wallace told the nobles, and I paraphrase: “You think the people exist to support your position. I think you exist to support the freedom of the people.”

How applicable are those words to our politicians everywhere, but especially in Washington, D.C.

On one extreme, you have the segment — backed by the big money special interests of the country — whose only interest seems to be in holding their seats and the power attached thereto.

On the other extreme, you have the new socialists whose only interest is to tax us to death and grow the government exponentially, making us beholden to them.

Neither position sounds like freedom to me.

Vincent Sprinkle,


Cut off the immigration need

In recent months, U.S. humanitarian assistance to three Central American countries — Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador — was suspended. Cutting off funding for programs focusing on hunger, health, human rights, education, job creation and grants (some of which went to American-based nonprofit, non-governmental organizations) is a mistake.

These programs and grants help decrease immigration at our southern border. To stop funding for issues that cause people to migrate creates more of a problem than it provides a solution.

One solution is offered by the U.S.-based nonprofit International Justice Mission, which has local volunteers and a student chapter at Texas Christian University.

IJM received a four-year grant from the State Department. Since then, it has served hundreds of child victims of sexual assault and has trained police and prosecutors with a “trauma informed approach” focusing on victims. And subsequently, arrests and convictions of perpetrators have tripled.

Let’s hope our legislators from Texas provide solutions and vote in the U.S. Congress to keep these grants funded.

Joy Brooks,

Fort Worth