Letters to the Editor

Fitzgerald never got the chance he deserved as police chief

Former Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald
Former Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald Star-Telegram file photo

They always had it in for Fitzgerald

Fort Worth never really gave Joel Fitzgerald much of a chance to prove he could be a good police chief. (May 21, 1A, “Police Chief Fitzgerald fired, will eye legal options”)

He stepped into controversy the day he walked in the door, and it never stopped. Regardless of any decision he made, it was wrong to someone.

In his defense, whenever I contacted him about any issue he got right back to me with a solution or an answer. I treated him with respect, and he gave me respect.

He is a fine man, and I hope he finds peace and happiness.

I hope the media will treat our next chief better. If not, we may start to find it difficult to get applicants.

Wanda Conlin,

Fort Worth

The left paving the way to more Trump

Leftists want to guarantee President Donald Trump’s re-election by pitching increased spending on giveaway social programs and trying to elect a radical woman.

We need to regain districts that voted for Trump by nominating a moderate Democrat who advocates fiscal restraint, works with both parties and respects our allies and Americans by joining treaties, getting rid of tariffs and avoiding hating people who don’t agree with us.

We should not harm so many foreign citizens with punishing sanctions and impossible immigration policies unless they are criminals.

Deana Glenn,

Fort Worth

Caring for the needy in Mansfield

A big thank-you to Mansfield Cares, a group of concerned, caring and dedicated residents who support those in Mansfield who are underserved.

Mansfield Cares helps those who need assistance with rent, utilities, clothing, food, health, vision and dental care through local food banks and food pantries. They work with programs from Mansfield Mission Center, Common Ground Network, the Linda Nix Family Caring Place Clinic at Mansfield Community Health Center and Mansfield Independent School District.

Mansfield Cares is the largest sponsor of Common Ground’s Feed The Kids programs not only financially, but also by furnishing the facility and volunteers to be sure that no child goes hungry.

Mansfield is a great place to live, and our thanks go to Mansfield Cares for its invaluable contribution to this environment.

James Phillip (Phil) Stover,

Common Ground

Board Member,

Feed The Kids

program co-chair,


It’s about the type of offense

I read the Sunday letter about John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson and Bill Clinton’s low moral character. (B6) I don’t agree with what they did, but they weren’t in bed with Russian President Vladimir Putin, destroying our democracy, as our “leader” now seems to be.

Bonnie Hromcik,


Is that just moving things around?

In reaction to reports of long lines at the Department of Public Safety, a state representative recommends we move the process of getting or renewing a driver’s license from the DPS to the Department of Motor Vehicles. (May 18, 4A, “Texas House approves study of shift in driver’s license program”)

Could someone help me understand how or what the DMV would do differently that would alleviate the problem?

Roger Campbell,


It’s worth a thousand words

An obvious, simple and accurate way to improve Amber Alerts and Silver Alerts is to always include a picture of the missing child or older adult. It is much easier for the public to remember a face.

Mary Matl,

Edgecliff Village