Letters to the Editor

Democrats’ endless lies to fight President Donald Trump


Lawmakers, this isn’t up to you

Nobody likes abortions. But if you believe in choice, then an abortion should be one of the choices available to a pregnant woman and her doctor. This is a private decision, not one to be made for her by a governor or some other person not known to the mother, doctor or prospective father.

If an abortion is the choice, instead of one of the other possible choices, then no fine or punishment should be called for.

This very personal decision is not easy and should not be interfered with by some close-minded legislator.

Edythe Cohen,

Fort Worth

Think through the realities

Consider a situation that could very easily be reality under Alabama’s new abortion law: A young girl is abducted off the street. She is repeatedly raped and terrorized. She escapes but is further terrorized when she finds out she’s pregnant.

She is again terrorized to find out she must, by law, give birth the child. And if she can find a doctor to terminate the pregnancy, that doctor could be imprisoned for 99 years — effectively for life — for performing the abortion.

Welcome to Alabama.

Blake K. Wallace,


Cartoon all wet on school shooting

The members of the Star-Telegram’s editorial board should be embarrassed by the political cartoon by Kevin Siers of The Charlotte Observer that appeared May 16 on Page 9A.

Guns never killed anyone. Whatever happened to the fact parents are responsible for the actions of their children? Why not comment about the parents of the two teenagers accused of killing one and injuring eight at STEM School Highlands Ranch in suburban Denver earlier this month? (May 14, 10A, “Last of wounded in Colo. shooting out of hospital”)

Why are they not being interviewed and held responsible for this horrible incident? Why blame this on the National Rifle Association? Who bought and paid for the weapons and allowed this to happen?

Royce Vick,

Fort Worth

Democrats lie and lie and lie

The author of a letter to the editor Sunday wrote, “Democrats have accepted (Donald) Trump as president.” (6B) What? Ever since Hillary Clinton’s best-connived campaign went down in flames, the Democrats have proposed one unbelievable lie after another in an attempt to remove Trump from office.

Wayne Pricer,

Edgecliff Village

Recognize a quiet champion

There are many people who live wonderful lives yet never get the recognition they earn. They go unnoticed despite being very deserving. One such person who lived all of his life in Fort Worth was Gary Dworkin.

Gary died a few months ago, with only a short obituary on Sept. 25, 2018. (6A) He overcame various physical disabilities from birth, yet his mind was like a human Google. If I ever needed an answer on any kind of politics, he was my source and always correct.

Gary was a stalwart Democrat, yet never did this affect his friendship with me, although my politics were completely opposite.

He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin and was an adjunct instructor at Tarrant County College-South Campus. Bad health forced his retirement. He lived very modestly on disability yet tried to donate small amounts to good causes.

I hope this letter will give him some small amount of recognition he deserved.

Allan Saxe,