Letters to the Editor

Blood can’t be stockpiled. All of Texas needs your altruism

Anthony Gowan of Crowley donates blood as Drew Gaddy of the Red Cross takes the donation at Turning Point Church in Fort Worth on July 23, 2014.
Anthony Gowan of Crowley donates blood as Drew Gaddy of the Red Cross takes the donation at Turning Point Church in Fort Worth on July 23, 2014. Star-Telegram file photo

You can help keep supply flowing

Carter BloodCare, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, serves the blood-transfusion needs of about 700 patients every day in 57 counties of north, central and east Texas. Volunteers whose blood donations support these patients come from all walks of life, and so do the patients whose lives depend on transfusions.

While patients’ needs are urgent, donors must fit their expressions of altruism into lives filled with so many responsibilities and commitments. Our understandable reverence for Mother’s Day is an example, as is our honoring veterans on Memorial Day.

If blood could be stockpiled, then it would not matter that the needs of those 700 patients are at risk when important holidays take precedence for donors. But blood cannot be stockpiled, so donations around these times are also essential to meet the constant daily needs of transfusion-dependent patients.

Be a blood donor. You have it in you.

Merlyn Sayers

President and CEO,

Carter BloodCare,


Signs are there for a reason

Have you noticed those red-and-white triangular signs while driving? I was under the impression they must mean “Go — go fast,” particularly as one exits right on Azle Avenue from Loop 820 West.

Drivers pass them as if they did not exist. This exit could be a hot spot for Lake Worth police, who seem eager to give traffic tickets.

At the Weatherford traffic circle by the old Frank Kent Motor Company building, flashing lights have been attached to the red yield signs. Drivers like pretty flashing lights, unless, of course, there is a siren accompanying the lights.

Drivers give the impression that if they speed fast enough they will miss the other drivers.

Ignoring yield signs is common throughout the Metroplex. Drivers: See the red-and-white sign and yield the right of way. You might be glad you did.

Frankie Manley Andrew,

Willow Park

Just look at the facts, please

I am proud to be a Democrat, one who reads and watches several news sources. Some people only watch Fox News.

Democrats are trying to get to the truth. Our nation needs to be aware of what is happening. President Donald Trump does not tell the truth and is trying to be a dictator. He has praised leaders who are dictators in their own countries — even some who have had members of their families murdered.

We have three branches of government, so let them do their jobs. Trump has allegedly asked his appointees to be faithful to him. Attorney General William Barr is acting as Trump’s attorney, not the nation’s.

If Trump is not guilty of wrongdoing, why doesn’t he show his taxes? If Trump is a Christian, why does he lie? It is hard for me to understand why people accept and believe what he says without checking the facts.

Democrats have accepted Trump as president, but he needs to be kept in his place as our president, not a dictator. I do have faith in our system that this will be better as time goes by.

Dorothy Hill Day,


Precedents of immorality

A letter last Sunday referred to our current “immoral president.” (4B) What about President John F. Kennedy and his female friends? Or President Lyndon B. Johnson and his womanizing? Or President Bill Clinton having oral sex in the Oval Office and Sen. Ted Kennedy walking away from an accident where a young woman drowned?

I guess these “morals” are OK.

Pat Loftin,