Letters to the Editor

Cheers for weather warnings, and jeers for no chips and salsa

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Cheers: To Medical City Arlington emergency-room staffers for their knowledge and skill in caring for my 101-year-old mother on Easter. Cheers also to fourth-floor nurses Debbie and Joyce for their care and compassion for Mom.

Marty Mayfield,


Cheers: To The Bandwagon Music Store & Repair. Jeff unstuck the tuning slide on my grandson’s cornet at no charge and then gave me instructions on how to perform maintenance on my own instruments, saving me hundreds of dollars. I tried out one of his new trumpets, which was unbelievable for the price.

Jack Watson,


Jeers: To my favorite Mexican restaurant — or I should say what was my favorite. Customer service is important and you, kid, had none. You should have taken a pencil (they are something you can write down things with) to jot down two words — “chips and salsa” — and handed it to the service area. You especially should have listened when I just told you my experience at the bar two days before. You personally failed highly at your customer service skills. Get out of your phone and try again. You have lost a longtime customer.

Tuesday L. Peacock,

River Oaks

Cheers: To KTVT/Channel 11’s dynamic chief meteorologist, Scott Padgett, for his superb and lengthy coverage of the terrible weather we faced in the Dallas-Fort Worth area last week. He left his competitors at the starting gate.

Lorna Parker,


Cheers: To the young man on the recycling truck who chose not to just throw the empty crate into my yard during heavy rain May 8. Instead, he placed it neatly under my carport, where this old man could retrieve it without getting wet. Bless you.

J.W. Robbins,

Haltom City

Jeers: To the media — national and especially local. Ken Kercheval, who played Cliff Barnes in the TV show “Dallas,” passed away last month, and I never saw it mentioned in news coverage. He was always a problem for the Ewings and helped make the show popular worldwide for more than a decade. He deserves better than that.

Rex Williams,


Cheers: To the very generous lady who was walking behind my wife and me as we were leaving Kohl’s. She asked if we shopped there often, and we said yes. She then gave us her Kohl’s Cash. This was totally unexpected. We will certainly pay it forward.

Lou Tielli,


Cheers: To Janet and Carl, my smiling coffee fairies. They bring me coffee at work every Saturday evening, and I love them. They make me smile, and I always look forward to their smiles and brief stories. This police officer loves his job so much more because of their thoughtfulness.

Quinn Grimmett,

No. 2053,

West Arlington Patrol,


Cheers: To the lovely students at Peaster Middle School in Weatherford for bringing the lovely hand-decorated bags full of nice gifts to the senior citizens for Easter. You made our Easter so wonderful. Thanks so very much.

Jean Grant,


Cheers: To Reed Hoover of Dallas. Fans of the “Pluggers” comic by Gary Brookins will recognize his name immediately. Over many years, Reed was a frequent contributor of yesterday’s memories. Reed died on March 25 at the age of 88. God bless him. He was funny.

Bill Brown,