Letters to the Editor

Robocalls target landlines as much as they do mobile phones

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Don’t leave out landline owners

I agree with the Star-Telegram’s Sunday editorial that robocalls need to be eliminated because of the nuisance. (4B, “Texas Legislature, Congress moving to curtail robocalls”) But there was too much focus on cellphone service providers. Business and personal landline users find automated calls just as much of a nuisance and don’t want to be defrauded either. I don’t want to hear the phone ring unless it is really for me.

I prefer the better sound of a landline as well as being able to sit at a desk to write down appointments and other business details. I hope Congress and AT&T are listening.

Lorraine (Levine) Rogson,


Intelligence tried to take Trump down

In response to an April 11 letter critical of President Donald Trump, I too am a Vietnam-era veteran who volunteered for service. I do not agree, however, that Trump or any other president should have blind allegiance to the deep state nor an intelligence apparatus that I believe tried to overthrow a duly elected president. Even former CIA chief John Brennan has admitted he was wrong and walked backed his comments about Trump committing treason.

As a proclaimed Libertarian, the letter writer should be appalled and alarmed at the corruption in our intelligence community and the FBI, and the spying on a political campaign and on U.S. citizens.

Furthermore, Trump has condemned racism in any form, over and over. How much is enough?

Gary W. Pinkston,


Our schools need basic fairness

Texas schools certainly need more funding. However, they also suffer from unequal funding.

Arlington Independent School District is expected to gain $3 million, or $609 per student. I also note that Carroll Independent School District is expected to gain $3.3 million, or $409 per student. However, Carroll is also expected to send $9 million less to the state “Robin Hood” fund. This $9 million will be worth $1,115 per student to Carroll. So it appears that Arlington will get $609 per student, but Carroll will effectively get $409 + $1,115, or $1,524 per student.

It appears the state has lost sight of the goal of equitable funding across the state.

John Nolan,


We don’t need to see Trump’s taxes

As I listen to the current junk of the day, I hear California is initiating a bill to keep President Donald Trump off its 2020 ballot if he does not provide his tax returns.

This does not coincide with the Constitution of the United States, as there are only three requirements needed to be president — tax returns not included.

If California is successful in this endeavor, it would abate the power of my vote, for California would single-handedly change the dynamics of the electoral system.

I would like to plant a seed of thought: a class-action lawsuit against California by the citizens of the United States.

Mark W. Cate,

Fort Worth

One nutty idea after another

As if the Democrats haven’t gone off the deep edge already on just about everything, now some crazy know-it-all celebrities think men should have vasectomies or refrain from sex altogether. That’s fine with me as long as it’s them doing it, but not the rest of us who realize that’s the way we keep this world going — people.

They want to give you all this free stuff but can’t tell you how they are going to pay for it. There’s no free lunch, folks. A few are finally starting to realize we do have a border problem. It’s about time.

Nancy Williams,

Fort Worth