Letters to the Editor

Once again, Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival shines bright

The Tarrant County Courthouse at the north end of the area set up for the 2019 Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival
The Tarrant County Courthouse at the north end of the area set up for the 2019 Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival Star-Telegram file photo

Hope that time will undo the injustice

The failure of most of the national print and broadcast media in the Russian collusion story cannot be ignored. With all their resources, there is no way they didn’t know this was a contrived hatchet job on our president.

I write this because much of America knew this was a lie for more than a year. Many in the media wanted the Russian story to be true, and that is the real crisis in credibility they now face. Several brave professionals in the media informed us of the real story.

This was about a political war at the highest levels of our government and an attempt to reverse an election. Power and money in Washington, D.C., is immense, and corruption followed.

How this happened will unfold over the next few months and hopefully prevent it from happening again. Many innocent people were severely harmed.

Paula Scoggin,


Nunez would serve Arlington well

In local elections, sometimes there is a challenge to know the newcomers running for offices. For Arlington’s City Council District 5, there is an excellent candidate on the ballot: Ignacio Nunez.

Retired from the medical job of delivering babies and caring for women’s health, he is now developing a passion for serving the entire community and our community’s concerns.

He has asked residents for their thoughts and concerns and is available for dialogue — thoughtful, smart and willing to find solutions to problems.

I encourage you to support Ignacio Nunez for Arlington City Council.

Elin Jacks,


Always the best festival hosts

As invited artists, we thought it was important to let everyone know how wonderful it was to exhibit at Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival this year.

The show was professionally organized. With weather being a challenge Saturday, the other days could not have been better. (April 11, 1A, “Storms in forecast for Main St. Fort Worth Arts Festival”)

Congratulations go to event producers Jay Downie, Sandi Cochrum, Allison Scales and Diana Hahn, along with the staff, volunteers, policemen and committee members who worked hard for the festival.

This art festival is always one of the top-notch shows in the nation. We hope to see y’all again next year.

Until then, just know that your beautiful town poured out nothing but great Southern hospitality and charm.

Thank you for making us feel welcome, and for allowing us to be exhibitors in 2019.

Richard and Tina Lorenz,

Bella Vista, Arizona

Jordan has proved his mettle

Councilman Jungus Jordan has served Fort Worth’s District 6 since 2005 and has worked diligently to improve the safety and quality of life in our neighborhoods.

Thanks to our councilman, we now have the Chisholm Trail Parkway open, with shopping and restaurants residents have been asking for on their way.

As a former neighborhood leader and now as a resident, I’ve always appreciated Jordan keeping us informed of developments throughout the district, as well as how he has always been available to listen and discuss our concerns.

We need to keep someone who understands how our city government works and will continue to get positive results.

Please join my husband and me May 4 in re-electing Jungus Jordan in order to keep a dedicated, hard-working councilman.

Ivanna and Clarence


Fort Worth

History is just history

After reading Bud Kennedy’s April commentary, “Flag stays, but does Texas need a Confederate Heroes Day holiday?” (1B) I guess we will have to remove “Amazing Grace” from all our hymnals, as it was written by John Newton, who was a slave trader. And we’ll have to rename many of the towns and counties in Texas because of their namesakes.

We all know we can’t rewrite history, but some are trying. Good, bad, or indifferent, it was what it was.

Carter Fore,


About to head into a new era?

After more than two years, our experiment with insanity appears to be nearing an end. The healing can begin soon.

Tom Stroope,