Letters to the Editor

Cheers to Haltom City public works, and jeers to inconsiderate drivers

Ellen DeGeneres surprised the Leadership Academy at Como Elementary with checks totaling $50,000. The funds will help stock the campus food pantry and buy laptops for students.
Ellen DeGeneres surprised the Leadership Academy at Como Elementary with checks totaling $50,000. The funds will help stock the campus food pantry and buy laptops for students. File photo

Cheers: To the Lucretia Council Cochran Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Arlington for contributing thousands of dollars and many hours to the restoration of the Tate Middleton Johnson Cemetery. It was not mentioned in the recent article about historic cemeteries. (March 27, 1A, “Neglect, vandalism scarred burial grounds. Now Arlington is striving to preserve history”) Also, congratulations to the chapter for 65 years of service in Arlington.

Marilyn Funderburk,


Cheers: To Dan and all the helpful folks at Sprads Ace Hardware on Denton Highway for their ongoing generosity to the Haltom City Senior Center. Thanks for all you do.

Bill Lanford,

Haltom City

Cheers: To Haltom City Department of Public Works employee Jeff and to Jim England Plumbing. At 4 p.m. on a recent Friday, I discovered my backyard was a lake. Panic. I called the city and the plumber. Both responded within an hour. After looking at water meter, I was assured none of this was from my property.

Sigh of relief. Great customer service.

M.R. Ormsbee,

Haltom City

Cheers: And a great big thank you to the amazing cardiac rehab staff at Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital: Beth, Suzanne, Brenda, Emily, Shelby, Noel, Shawn, Tyler and all the wonderful volunteers. They teach you all about exercise and how to continue rehab at home and the gym.

Ute Cowell,

North Arlington

Cheers: To Mark Cobb from Ace Repair Plumbing for taking on the water department when it refused to fix our sewage problem. (Workers had neglected to reconnect us after replacing the main line.) And Mark did it for no charge to us.

Linda Jo Galvan,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To the staff of Como Elementary School for their hard work and creativity to benefit their students. (April 17, 1A, “Surprise. Ellen gives school in Fort Worth $50,000”) Students respond to authenticity in their leaders. Much gratitude goes to Ellen DeGeneres, who looks for and multiplies goodness.

Rita Cotterly,

Fort Worth

Jeers: To the many drivers who stayed in the left lane on Tuesday around 3:15 pm on I-30 westbound at South Las Vegas Trail and wouldn’t move to other lanes to allow emergency vehicles access to an accident that had taken place. You had many options to move over and you chose indifference instead.

Judy Marquardt,

Hudson Oaks

Cheers: To Fidelity Investments. At Dunbar High School, we’ve been tackling financial literacy for years by working with local nonprofits and companies such as Fidelity to help ensure financial education is included in our students’ educational experience. Our successful multi-year relationship with Fidelity shows what happens when a community unites to support students.

Oscar Adams,

Principal, Dunbar High School,

Fort Worth

Cheers: To the young woman and her father who aided me when I collapsed during my walk in Remington Park and gave me a ride home. I did not get their names, but I sincerely appreciate their kind efforts.

David Roll,


Cheers: To the kind couple who paid for our dinner at Charleston’s Restaurant in Fort Worth on March 8. God bless you, and we will pay it forward.

Wayne and Linda Cooper,