Letters to the Editor

Rodney Dangerfield and Henny Youngman take a back seat to Groucho Marx

Henny Youngman
Henny Youngman AP

Take this political party — please

Columnist Michael Ryan incorrectly attributed “Take my wife — please” to Rodney Dangerfield. (April 14, 4B, “Marriage, family: Vital enough, hard enough to treat them better”) That quote actually belongs to Henny Youngman. However, Rodney did say, “My wife and I were happy for 20 years. Then we met.”

Groucho Marx famously said he didn’t want to be a member of any club that would accept him as a member.

I share Groucho’s feelings about the current Republican Party.

Mike Estes,

Fort Worth

First repel them, then make plans

Jerry Burkett, assistant dean at the University of North Texas Dallas, told the Star-Telegram, “We are not as welcoming a nation as we once were.” (April 15, 1A, “Fort Worth district phasing out elementary school language centers”)

Our welcome has been worn out since we cannot make these current caravans abide by the law and enter through proper channels. Nor do we know whether the migrants are criminals, in drug gangs or if they are true refugees.

I would assume that Burkett wouldn’t allow people of unknown backgrounds to come into his house and expect him to pay for their food, health care and education. And neither should the citizens of this country have to do the same for would-be immigrants.

First build the wall, and then reform the immigration system.

Jean King,

Fort Worth

The final tax total doesn’t lie

Although I expected to owe some income taxes because I made overtime wages, I was shocked at my final tax bill. Not only did I owe more this year, but my tax burden was actually greater than last year. Evidently, the withholding tables sent to employers had such low amounts many people owe big this year or totally lost a refund.

If you are middle class and think the GOP has your back, then I have a unicorn to sell you on eBay.

Fred Gregory,


The market doesn’t chase the atom

Richard Greene’s wishful expectations for nuclear power’s return to glory totally contradict the realities of Electric Reliability Council of Texas statistics. (April 14, 5B, “This underused source could fuel a clean, powerful new day”)

The available generating capacity for nuclear power dropped from 6% to 5% between 2011 and 2018, while wind power grew from 13% to 23%.

How could this be? Simple. The energy industry is a shining example of that favorite Republican aspiration: a free and competitive marketplace. Investors are following the money, and their money is not fueling new nuclear power plants that can take a decade or more start to finish to build and commitments of tens of billions of dollars.

Meanwhile, the wind industry is continuing to thrive, generating 15.9% of Texas power in 2018, while nuclear fell to 8.9%. Wind and nuclear both produce base load energy in spite of winds’ intermittent production.

Maybe if we wish hard the wind will blow constantly, leaving nuclear farther behind.

Jim Duncan,


McKenzie has proved his mettle

I am very pleased to recommend Jon McKenzie for re-election to Hurst City Council. Jon has proved to be a very successful and beneficial addition to our City Council, and he works hard for all the residents of Hurst.

We don’t want to lose his talent, dedication and hard work. Vote for Jon McKenzie for Place 6 council member on May 4.

Gerald Grieser,