Letters to the Editor

Jungus Jordan gets these voters’ confidence for City Council

City Councilman Jungus Jordan of District 6
City Councilman Jungus Jordan of District 6 Star-Telegram file photo

Don’t double down on disadvantaged

I am writing to voice my opposition to Texas Senate Bill 9. I believe that criminalizing mistakes on voter-registration forms would hurt those who live in impoverished neighborhoods.

These disenfranchised people have only ever been offered subpar educations. This could lead to mistakes when filling out voter-registration forms.

I think it is unethical to punish someone for a clerical error. Instead, we should put in place a system for automatic voter registration.

Nathaniel Pauda,

Fort Worth

Jordan keeps Fort Worth in the loop

As a resident of District 6, I have observed the results of City Councilman Jungus Jordan for at least a decade. He has been an exceptionally good person to have representing our interests in City Hall.

As a result of his efforts, my property tax rates have declined, our streets are generally well maintained and the police are quick to respond and very effective.

We do not have any of the fluff projects with names such as “The Jungus Jordan Memorial” that waste taxpayer money just to glorify an office holder. Councilman Jordan is humble but effective.

He has done a fine job of maximizing city services for everyone equally while minimizing waste on projects that are of questionable value for the majority of constituents.

In summary, he has done an excellent job of representing the interests of all the people in District 6, and I will vote to reelect him.

Michael Hagin,

Fort Worth

City Councilman Jungus Jordan keeps the people of District 6 well informed on what is happening in Fort Worth, and especially in our area. Every three months we are invited to “Java with Jungus” to hear speakers and get updates on important information.

Joyce Wyers,


Is this horse racing or policy making?

Marc A. Thiessen must be an accomplished oddsmaker, because his columns are typically framed in win and lose terms: Democrats are losers and President Donald Trump can win the border wall battle, for example.

What is conspicuously absent from Thiessen’s writings is any sense of the righteousness of the topics being discussed — whether the actions under discussion are fair, honorable, the right thing to do or would serve most people well.

He usually makes his case on the strength of whether a strategy is likely to prevail, rather than whether it conforms to values that most of us hold dear. Principles of decency, justice, compassion and treating our fellow humans as we would like to be treated are not part of the equation in the political game Thiessen apparently plays.

As the conservative counterpart to Leonard Pitts Jr. in the Star-Telegram, this morally challenged hack is not even close. But is he representative of his party?

Grace Darling,


Doing right by all Mavericks fans

Another Dallas Mavericks basketball season has come to an end. We are sad but have great anticipation for 2019-2020 and all the new young players who will move us closer to a championship year.

We are grateful for the consideration of the Trinity Railway Express continuing the “Game Train” and its punctuality in getting us to arena and home. Again this season, American Airlines Center Chief Operating Officer and General Manager Dave Brown, Director of Security Mike Ebow and Vice President of Guest Experience Gina Chapa have kept the fans safe, happy and enjoying a facility second to none.

Ann and Roland Kelley,