Letters to the Editor

Seniors who played Ditto Golf Course feel left out of Rangers revamp

In this 2014 file photo, Paul Lytel plays at what was then Ditto Golf Course in Arlington.
In this 2014 file photo, Paul Lytel plays at what was then Ditto Golf Course in Arlington. Star-Telegram file photo

Are you watching or just hating?

I’m confused by all this Texas Rangers hate. There was a new ballpark area residents got to vote for. If you were paying attention, you saw the price increases that would come because of it. So why are you surprised?

Then there is this bashing of the quality of the team you pay to watch. If you are a true fan, you know this is a legitimate rebuilding year. But obviously these critics aren’t even watching the games, because if they were, they would know the Rangers got off to a pretty hot start.

Adam Legler,


Sheriff Joe’s Mexico plan would hurt

Former Maricopa County, Arizona, Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s idea of sending the U.S. Army into Mexico is idiotic. (April 9, 1A, “Joe Arpaio: Send US troops into Mexico”) Mexico remembers the history of American invasions.

What is frightening is that President Donald Trump admires Arpaio, as demonstrated by the president pardoning Arpaio after he was found guilty of criminal contempt. Since Trump has fired the top people at the Department Homeland Security, we should worry that he might actually like the idea and send troops into Mexico.

We should remember that the last invasion into Mexico by Gen. John J. Pershing in 1916 did not turn out well.

Furthermore, pushing this idea would cause havoc on the Texas economy.

Douglas Harman,

Fort Worth

Ditto golfers feel left out

Richard Greene’s commentary in Sunday’s Star-Telegram about the renovation and rebranding of the old Chester Ditto Golf Course missed the point. (7B, “Really great match: Arlington, Texas Rangers both win on this golf course”)

The main complaint I’ve heard about the new course comes from seniors who have purchased annual membership passes for 20 years or so. We each paid hundreds of dollars per year to attain affordable green fees at Lake Arlington or Ditto.

When the Parks and Recreation Department was trying to drum up voter support for this expensive upgrade to Ditto, membership holders were assured our passes would be honored. Just before the course reopening, we learned that the newly rechristened Texas Rangers Golf Club would not honor our discounted membership rate.

Our annual membership is still $500 or $1,000, but if we want to play a full-size course, only Lake Arlington Golf Course is available.

Every annual pass holder I have talked to thinks we were all misled and our memberships devalued.

Robert Roark,


Why should we just trust Google?

The April 8 story, “Real or artificial? Tech titans declare AI ethics concerns,” (6A) reported that Google has in very short order established and then abolished an external review board to investigate how the company uses artificial intelligence in its products.

Given the very reasonable concerns that many have about AI and an important question mentioned in the article — “Who gets to decide which technological pursuits do no harm?” — the existence of a diverse external review board seems eminently reasonable.

But no. To Google’s employees, the prospect of having an individual on that committee who is known to have differing ideas from their own is utterly odious. It seems they pitched a big enough fit to cause Google to cancel the whole program.

Doesn’t that, by itself, pretty much prove that Google (and perhaps other tech titans as well) will be incapable of self-policing on such matters?

“Don’t challenge my preconceptions” is typically the battle cry of philosophically bankrupt ideologues. This time is no different.

Andrew Parker,

North Richland Hills