Letters to the Editor

New Zealand terror attacks show we’re all in this together


We mourn for New Zealand as one

On behalf of the Fort Worth and Tarrant County Sons and Daughters of Abraham, I would like to express our sympathy to the families of those killed and injured in this most recent horrific mass shooting in New Zealand.

As an interfaith group of Muslims, Christians and Jews, we meet monthly to share common interests and faith in God, and this kind of tragedy touches all of us.

We grieve for all of our Muslim brothers and sisters and pray for peace. Blessings.

Ron Clegg,


This attack really hits home

Surely, prayers were offered this past weekend in Christian churches and Jewish synagogues for our Muslim brothers and sisters in New Zealand. In the name of our common humanity, think what it means to lose dozens of people from your congregation and neighborhood.

An attack on any religious faith group anywhere is an attack on all religious groups.

The horror of this scene in these tranquil and diverse communities places a serious responsibility on us all to be aware of things said and done that stoke hatred and fear of whole groups of people. Some individuals believe what they hear even if it has no basis whatsoever in fact. Given weapons and an opportunity, they will act upon their beliefs.

Loveta Eastes,


Sorry, but I don’t see the links

So let me see if I have this right. A Tuesday letter writer approves of the Democratic National Committee’s decision to exclude Fox from the presidential debates because “one of the tenets of a totalitarian or fascist government is direct control of the media.”

So Fox News is controlled by the government, and the DNC’s excluding a portion of the media because the DNC doesn’t agree with its reporting is OK? Is that the gist of the letter?

I wasn’t aware the government was controlling Fox News. I also wasn’t aware of the link between Fox News and totalitarianism and fascism. Thanks for clearing all this up for me.

Jeff Murray,


The deck is stacked against the right

You, like most liberal publications, tend to put down the voters who elected President Donald Trump. The deep state of unelected liberals and news organizations, both print and electronic, promotes extreme liberal views.

So, as in Leonard Pitts Jr.’s March 9 column, “Fox ‘News’ getting what it deserves” (15A), is it any wonder that conservative views are promoted by Fox News? With all the so-called (liberal) news organizations arrayed against us conservatives, Fox News is like a lonesome person crying in the wilderness, praying for common sense.

Most points I affirm are just the opposite of the Pitts column. And since the so-called mainstream media are, in effect, extensions of the Democratic National Committee, we deplorables are fighting against a huge array of extreme liberals.

William M. Mowrey,

Fort Worth

So much for expertise

I guess Sen. Ted Cruz has forgotten all he learned about our Constitution and loses his self-proclaimed title of a constitutional expert.

Anyone who has studied our form of government knows Congress holds the purse strings.

By voting yes to President Donald Trump’s request to take money in the budget already appropriated to other areas for a wall, Cruz shows his lack of knowledge and courage. So does Sen. John Cornyn, but he never said he knew anything about the Constitution.

Deborah Chaney,