Letters to the Editor

Would Jesus be more like Donald Trump — or Bernie Sanders?

Sen. Bernie Sanders and President Donald Trump
Sen. Bernie Sanders and President Donald Trump AP file photos

Who would Jesus sell things to?

It was amusing to read Lee Enochs’ March 3 commentary about the dangers of socialism. (5B, “Venezuela shows US dangers of socialism”)

Enochs is a seminary graduate who, like many evangelical Christians, equates his faith with being a good free-market capitalist.

Go read Jesus’ teachings about money, sharing, compassion, stewardship and inclusiveness. Jesus sounds a lot more like Sen. Bernie Sanders than President Donald Trump.

If Jesus came to visit us today he would not be too happy. Conservative Christian politicians attack and cut social programs for the poor, refuse to address climate change and turn a blind eye to the hate and vitriol being directed at immigrants and refugees.

No, we are not ever going to be Venezuela. However, there are serious challenges such as climate change, funding Social Security and Medicare, the federal budget deficit, health care costs, immigration, income inequality and affordable housing that will require shared sacrifice and concern for the common good to be solved.

The free market alone is not enough.

Fred Gregory,


A solution to no problem

I grew up in Maryland between two real rivers, and the notion that the Trinity is a river would be laughed at there.

I lived next to the Erie Canal, which is man-made and much bigger than the Trinity.

I now live 200 yards from the Clear Fork, and guess what? No flooding. Fort Worth last flooded in 1949. Towns south of here have, but we invest in what will be a multibillion-dollar Panther Island project.

Egos need to be put aside. Fort Worth is a vibrant city. We don’t need a Panther Island.

Continually allowing development of natural floodplains will put us at greater risk than Panther Island can solve.

Charles Andrews,

Fort Worth

Enough is enough with Panther Island

What’s going on with Panther Island? Nothing more nor less than a total waste of taxpayer dollars.

The whole project is a failed vision of a few wealthy developers.

Former Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison managed to get federal funding for flood control from the Army Corps of Engineers. As Hutchison is no longer in the Senate and because flooding is not a major problem, the federal funding has disappeared and Panther Island is now a failed, partially completed pipe dream.

Stop any new taxpayer-funded development of the Panther Island project. Complete the partially built overpasses between downtown and the stockyards and reopen North Main Street.

Any further development of Panther Island should be totally funded by developers, not taxpayers.

Larry McGuire,


The story behind the story

Panther Island has never been a flood-control project. It has always been an economic-development project dependent on Rep. Kay Granger to secure the necessary federal money to complete it.

The idea that folks decided 15 years ago to build a bypass channel, creating Panther Island, as an alternative to raising the Trinity River levee is a myth district engineers have created because they realize federal money is not coming and we taxpayers will be left holding the bag.

The levees haven’t been breached in 70 years. Will they ever be breached? Who knows? But this has never been the rationale for the project. We would have a river walk just like San Antonio, and, best of all, this would all be built with federal money. So who cares?

John Morris,

Fort Worth