Letters to the Editor

Mac Engel doesn’t get it about Kaepernick and the national anthem

Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick AP file photo

That isn’t the right word to use

I take issue with the Feb. 13 letter writer who said Social Security and Medicare are examples of socialism in our government. They are not.

I am 85 years old and paid into Social Security from when I was in the sixth grade to two years ago. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act into law in 1935. He stated that this money was to be used for retirement only.

Since then our “honest” politicians have used that money for their own selfish reasons and promised to repay it. They never did, and now they tell us it is an entitlement. It is not.

It is money we set back for our retirement. It is not part of a socialist government.

Phil Knight,


Cornyn betrayed us conservatives

Last week, Congress passed a federal funding bill that contained provisions that would limit the Department of Homeland Security from penalizing potential sponsors of unaccompanied children. My congressman, Rep. Michael Burgess, and Sen. Ted Cruz voted against this. Sen. John Cornyn voted for it, which I consider a form of amnesty.

Why would any conservative Texan vote for Cornyn in 2020? He needs to be primaried out.

Short of that, we might as well vote in a Democrat so we know who the enemy is right up front.

Lyn Canyon,

North Richland Hills

Mac Engel tiresome and wrong

Mac Engel can’t let it go. Another column about kneeling for the national anthem — really? (Feb. 15, 1B, “XFL is open to having Kaepernick as long as he can stand its rules”)

The fans have spoken. The NFL has spoken. It’s over.

Now Engel has moved on to the XFL, which has it written in its contracts that the league won’t allow such protests when it begins operations in 2020. Engle states that whites don’t want to see African-Americans take a knee. That is not the point.

Americans, especially olderAmericans, don’t want anyone to disrespect this country — period. When Iranians are shown burning the flag and shouting, “Death to America,” I think it bothers all Americans, regardless of race or party. By the way, some white players knelt also. Race isn’t a factor in patriotism. Get over it, Mac.

Randy Weeks,


Race isn’t the real issue here

Mac Engel’s self-serving bouquet thrown at Colin Kaepernick is a textbook example of why journalists have an approval rating in the single digits.

Engel predictably takes the side of the “international icon” as he tries to paint Kaepernick as an aggrieved social warrior bursting with virtue. Let’s look at the reality: During training camp in 2016, Kaepernick wore socks depicting police as pigs. Not cool, Mac, not cool.

It’s not about race; it’s about respect for the game and country. Media types have a real hard time processing this reality and love to lecture the great unwashed when it comes to race.

I am sure Engel patted himself on the back after his brave and virtuous attempt to explain the nuances to us rubes. But guess what: We get to make our own choices whether the media approve of them or not.

Bob Morrison,


Not what’s meant by word ‘respect’

I agree with a letter writer that as a 20-year veteran of the armed forces I cannot speak for all veterans, but only for myself. (11A) As part of my service, I took an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Although the flag and the national anthem are symbols of the United States, neither is mentioned in the Constitution.

Attempts to coerce conformance to some notion of “respect” from those exercising their rights to free expression is characteristic of authoritarianism and is disrespectful to my service in defense of the Constitution in its entirety, not excepting the First Amendment.

J.B. Edenfield,

Fort Worth