Letters to the Editor

Can’t get George Strait tickets? There’s plenty of other options

George Strait
George Strait Associated Press file photo

Memories of Will Rogers Coliseum

Mac Engel’s Feb. 9 column about the Will Rogers Coliseum brought back memories of presidential candidate Dwight D. Eisenhower’s fund-raising dinner in the coliseum. (1B, “Will Rogers Coliseum is worth visiting, mostly because it’s a charming dump”)

I was one of several Fort Worth High School ROTC cadets who served as ushers. Afterward, as we assembled in the outer ring, Eisenhower came and shook hands with each cadet. Also, Texas Electric Service Company held its Quarter Century Awards dinner in the coliseum for many years.

Neil Isbell,

Fort Worth

A dangerous path forward for Texas

I am writing to express my opposition to the confirmation of Texas Secretary of State David Whitley. His false implication that 95,000 voters might have been non-citizens is right out of the Republican voter-suppression playbook, designed to bolster the belief that people are voting illegally to justify their tactics. (Feb. 2, 1A, “List of flagged voters shrinks as critics call for retractions”)

The facts have since come out and shown that this was, at best, a massive error and, more likely, a planned lie to justify voter-suppression tactics as Texas becomes ever more blue.

Our state is in play in 2020 for U.S. Senate, president and several close House races. Whitley has shown he cannot be trusted to administer free and fair elections. He must not be confirmed.

Rohit V. Puskoor,

Fort Worth

Don’t compare these two systems

A Feb. 13 letter writer asserted that Social Security and Medicare are “longstanding examples of American socialism.” Wrong. American participants pay into these programs throughout their working lives and, after retirement, draw monthly sums from Social Security and use Medicare to pay for 80 percent of their physician medical expenses.

On the other hand, Medicare for all, as proposed by a number of Democratic presidential candidates, would indeed be pure socialism, for it would use public funds to pay 100 percent of everyone’s medical expenses.

The difference between these examples is enormous. Regrettably, as this letter writer demonstrates, far too many Americans do not understand that profound difference.

Cargill Hall,


Why is the message always forgotten?

Will everyone stop criticizing the football player who took a knee during the national anthem? The player said he meant no disrespect to the anthem but was simply making a point: that too many young black men fear for their lives when they see so many being killed by police. I think that is a point that most people agree with.

He did get everyone’s attention, but no one paid attention to why he took a knee.

Wake up, folks. Analyze the issue before jumping to conclusions.

Frankie Manley Andrew,

Fort Worth

Plenty of music to go around for all

Regarding the frustration over trying to buy tickets to George Strait’s Nov. 23 concert: Unfortunately, it has become unaffordable for the average music lover to get tickets to concerts by major artists. (Feb. 9, 3A, “2nd George Strait ticket sale leaves many frustrated”) The big ticket outlets have seen to that.

Solution? Support your local musicians.

You would be amazed at the local talent level at venues across the metroplex, and many times they are playing just for tips. Support your awesome local musicians, and make sure you are generous at the tip jar.

John Wilmoth,