Letters to the Editor

Something in Virginia is much more upsetting than blackface

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam The New York Times

Which of these matters most?

In Kathleen Parker’s Feb. 7 column, she ends by saying Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam should be given a another chance after his blackface/KKK photo emerged. (9A, “Virginia is for lovers of past transgressions”)

I agree he shouldn’t be condemned for a youthful case of bad judgment (although the incident having happened in medical school is pushing it a bit). And after all, he has served in the military and has 35 years of experience healing children as a pediatric neurologist.

But how very, very backward that some of our society goes crazy over this and doesn’t give any thought to his despicable endorsement of late-term abortion procedures that I think are the same as killing babies. There’s a big elephant in the room.

Leslie Savitz,


The rich are the source of freedom

John M. Crisp’s comments on taxing the rich more — approvingly noting that some economists suggest a top rate of up to 80 percent of income — refuses to acknowledge the principle issue under discussion: The earnings of U.S. citizens are their own, not the government’s. (Feb. 5, 9A, “Why not tax the rich more?”)

The Constitution stands between Americans and the communists/socialists who believe our money and lives are for their benefit first. The theft of this money by the Democrats and other usurpers would strike a blow against freedom for all.

Our republic has prospered because of, not in spite of, those who see an opportunity and become rich. If you want to question the rich, ask why career politicians such as the Clintons and Gores become rich while serving on fixed salaries. The Star-Telegram has become too socialist to read.

C.W. Minshew,


Kneeling insults all veterans

I used to like football. I played on my high school team, and my three sons played for Richland High School. It was challenging and fun.

But the game has become an avenue to exploit political agendas. I’m certain many members of Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion are insulted when professional football players use the captive audience of thousands to demean our national anthem by kneeling while it is played.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a great compromiser or capitulator by having the team kneel before the anthem and then stand during it. He has satisfied the black activists on his team, and hasn’t incurred the wrath of fans who have come to see a football game, not a political exercise.

I am a member of the VFW, and I won’t be paying admission to see the symbol of our national greatness defiled before me and the world.

Veterans, organize.

Bruce K. Jacobson,

Fort Worth

So many stones and glass houses

Nobody’s perfect except me and thee, and sometimes I worry about thee.

I guess we have arrived at that point where any mistake, error in judgment or imperfection can cost you your job, future, family or friends. We have gone from freedom of speech, religion and press to micro-aggressions and dog whistles.

If today’s the litmus test is that we have never said or done or thought or looked like anything short of Jesus Christ, then we are all on the fast track to you know where.

Humanity can be beautiful. It can also be ugly, dark, violent and stupid and full of human errors in judgment and behavior. For that reason, social and moral cleansing of thought and deed will not — and cannot — prevail, absent more ugliness and darkness and violence and stupidity than one can ever imagine.

Unfortunately, we are there.

Bob Cull,