Letters to the Editor

We should all be grateful to have a president who loves America like Trump


Trump also wants others’ priorities

President Donald Trump was certainly not the sole reason for the recent partial federal government shutdown. Liberals must understand that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is leading them to avoid a problem that Democratic Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama said had to be fixed years ago.

If I remember correctly, Obama asked for twice what Trump is asking for now to reduce illegal immigration into our country. I guess now Pelosi wants to let tens of thousands of people into our country without going through the proper channels to see how that works.

Wake up, liberals. You can’t get toothpaste back into the tube.

Elaine Sabre,


Look around at unnoticed beauty

How exciting to have a new way to get to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport via TEXRail.

As a commuter, I hope the train will run more frequently and Dallas Area Rapid Transit will align its light rail to accommodate east-west commutes at the airport.

Most importantly, I have overheard multiple conversations as the the train approaches T&P Station that it is a “boring” station and there is “nothing to do” but wait for the train to go back eastbound.

Please, people, look up and enjoy the beauty of the art deco architecture and the history of the building. Get off the train and look at its lobby, then venture the water gardens and the south side of downtown.

After taking in all these sights, passengers might have to catch the next train instead of just sitting on the one they came on.

Kevin Greene,

Fort Worth

‘Minor’ infractions can add up

Hey, Bud Kennedy, what is the problem? (Jan. 27, 1B, “Sheriff doesn’t fully explain screening of immigrants”) Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn and his deputies are doing the jobs they were hired to do. They are assisting Immigrations and Customs Enforcement in carrying out federal, state and local laws.

State Rep. Ramon Romero, do you seriously have no problem with 260 people who broke U.S. immigration laws being released for “minor” offenses such as public intoxication, marijuana possession and driving without a license? Where do you live? What kind of neighbors do you want? Good fences make good neighbors.

Kevin Johnson,


Yes, help immigrants with open hearts

A Jan. 20 letter writer offered a great idea: She suggested Democrats should be required to house immigrants, be responsible for their care and bear financial responsibility for any crimes they commit. (6B)

Many American families already willingly take that deal, hosting immigrant teenagers, families and children in their homes through faith-based foster programs. It’s a wonderful way to get to know them as human beings — to learn their names and faces, hear their stories and come to realize that their hopes and dreams are very much the same as those that brought our ancestors to America.

In fact, sharing your life that way is far too good an idea to be limited to one political party.

A warning, though: It will be a lot harder to hate and fear them once you get to know them.

Bob Buckel,


We are all lucky to have Trump

Thank you to Lynn Pruitt for the Jan. 13 letter stating what many of us are aware of. (6B) We should all be thankful for President Donald Trump, who shows such love for country and puts the United States first.

Dale McBee,

North Richland Hills