Letters to the Editor

The hatred is more than obvious, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer AP

No time for schoolyard games

If the Fort Worth Independent School District trustees wish to engage in playground challenges, please leave the lawyers out of it. (Jan. 26, 1A, “District legal costs tied to trustee inquiry top $68,000”)

Do it at recess on the playground and “double-dog dare” each other. Quit spending taxpayer money on issues that do not help educate our kids.

Thomas Turner,

Fort Worth

Yes, there sure is a sensitive faction

Warren Norred and his alligator tears gave a telling quote to your paper as he bemoaned the removing of a granite base that once supported a Confederate statue in a public park. (Jan. 26, 5A, “Lawyer suing over statue removal says city had ‘tantrum’”) He said, “There are a small number of people who always want to take offense at everything.”

Actually, it’s a large number, and it’s the same brigade of Republicans who lost their minds over then-President Barack Obama wearing a tan suit once in 2014.

Pat Gentry,


I don’t trust a word he says

Cynthia M. Allen had it right in her Jan. 25 column about the incident at the Lincoln Memorial between Catholic students and a Native American activist. She correctly cited Isaac Newton’s Third Law about an equal and opposite reaction to every action, but she missed the obvious. (Jan. 25, 9A, “Media coverage of Covington students has not exposed hate but incited it”)

If someone claims falsely to be a Vietnam veteran, those who really served might just climb down his throat. I would bet that Nathan Phillips couldn’t find Vietnam on a map, and the Omaha tribe might want to make sure he’s Native American.

Mac McKinzie,


Editor’s note: The Military Times reports that the U.S. Marine Corps has confirmed Phillips served four years in the Marine Corps Reserve, leaving in 1976, but was not deployed to Vietnam. He was awarded the National Defense Service Medal.

Totally consumed with hatred

It’s perfectly clear now that President Donald Trump cares more for American citizens than Democrats do. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and their blind followers value only people who have broken immigration laws, not the American people who worked without compensation during the partial government shutdown.

It must be awful to be so full of hate for one man that you would continue to inflict misery on your fellow Americans. With the Democrats, it’s not about loving this wonderful country; it’s all about hating Trump.

Patsy R. Abbott,


Takes two to tangle in the media

Richard Greene wrote that the “Anti-Trump media have lost the public, forfeited vital role in democracy” (Jan. 27, 5B) That “anti-Trump” media he assails is still our best hope to protect our democracy from the compounding damage inflicted by this presidency.

Both parties have extreme factions and news outlets that support them. The president’s own party has sat idly by and allowed him to operate with impunity.

This isn’t about the media. It’s about honesty and the rule of law. And that does start at the top.

Mark Fay,

Fort Worth

This shouldn’t be a fight for us

As we rightfully object to the Russian interference in our elections, we need to stay out of trying to tilt the table in Venezuela.

Rex Carey