Letters to the Editor

There is no more need to talk about Shahid Shafi. The issue is settled

Compiled by the Star-Telegram editorial board

Dr. Shahid Shafi smiles after a meeting of the Tarrant County Republican Party rejected an effort to remove him as vice-chairman on Thursday, January 10, 2019, in Richland.
Dr. Shahid Shafi smiles after a meeting of the Tarrant County Republican Party rejected an effort to remove him as vice-chairman on Thursday, January 10, 2019, in Richland. The Star-Telegram

Knights question is no litmus test

Cynthia Allen’s Jan. 11 column, “Pattern of religious bigotry is defining our politics,” was a blatant and clumsy attempt to paint the Democratic Party as harboring virulent anti-Catholic prejudice simply because two senators asked a judicial nominee about his membership in the Knights of Columbus. (9A)

All judicial nominees face scrutiny over any influences — religious and otherwise — that might color their decision-making process. It is fair game for senators to ask these sorts of questions.

From the local school board up to and including the U.S. Supreme Court, our political institutions could be fairly described as “chock full o’ Catholics,” and the majority of them are Democrats.

There is virulent “anti-Papist” prejudice, but it is almost exclusively from a small number of kooks on the far right who are gnashing their teeth and howling in the wilderness of political impotence.

The same goes for the more widespread anti-Muslim and anti-Jewish prejudices.

Paul R. Schattman,


The Shafi episode is over forever

My old friend Bud Kennedy and the Star-Telegram did a decent job on the Jan. 10 Tarrant County Republican executive meeting. The editorial board was also right in that the vote to unite was resounding, but the mission must go on. (Jan. 13, 6B, “The party faithful: Tarrant GOP saves Shafi, itself”)

Exactly. The Tarrant County GOP had an election, and we abide by the outcome. The Socialist Party could learn from that.

Having been at this meeting and the previous one, which also captured national media attention, I can pass along two facts: The GOP in Tarrant County is sound and will move forward.

Here in Haltom City, I know of five precincts that will work harder for our city and our nation to resist further takeover by the left in the socialist movement.

Now for good American Democrats, of which I was one but no more because the party leadership is now of socialist mentality, let’s move on.

Jack O. Lewis,

Haltom City

Democrats should shoulder the load

I am appalled by Democrats who say we do not need a wall on the southern border of the United States, yet many of them have walls around their homes.

It is terrible for federal employees who are required to work not to be paid during the partial federal government shutdown. It’s a violation of employment laws for workers not to be paid by private companies, so why is it not a violation for the federal government not to pay its workers?

I suggest that Democrats be required to host at least one house guest apiece selected from people caught by Immigration and Customs Enforcement while breaking our immigration laws and be responsible for their care and financial responsibility for any crime they commit.

Wylena Raymond,


Don’t argue with the unreasonable

Democrats in Congress cannot — and should not — give in to President Donald Trump’s demand for wall money to end the partial federal government shutdown for the same reason we don’t negotiate with terrorists and parents shouldn’t give in to toddler temper tantrums: It would just encourage Trump to do the same thing the next time he doesn’t get his way.

The history of World War II should have taught us that appeasement doesn’t work.

Don Davidson,