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I said the UN has adopted Hitlerian philosophies, not Hitler’s own

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United Nations headquarters in New York City
United Nations headquarters in New York City The Associated Press

Misunderstood my Hitler comparison

Last month, the Star-Telegram printed an op-ed I wrote expressing my opinion and observations of the United Nations’ COP24 climate change conference I attended in Katowice, Poland. (Dec. 9, 5B, “World’s young steeped in ‘warming’ dogma, but don’t you buy it”)

Shortly after my commentary appeared, the paper published a letter to the editor from someone who disagreed with me, saying my work was “insulting to readers” and satirically implying it was “written in crayon.” (Dec. 14, 11A)

The letter claimed I wrote that “those concerned about fighting global warming are adopting the philosophies of Hitler and that the United Nations is engaged in a global conspiracy to socialize the world.”

Wrong. I said the United Nations has adopted some Hitlerian philosophies. Also, there is no conspiracy. Its plan is out in the open.

My column was a firsthand account of what I have witnessed in more than 20 years of attending U.N. climate change conferences. To berate the Star-Telegram because it printed my thoughts is an insult to the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Pat Carlson,

Fort Worth

There are hidden costs to the wall

Where are the anti-spenders concerning the money that would be spent for the border wall? These same folks have criticized high taxes. What would become of our tax rates if the wall is built?

Joseph W. Holmes,


Not the fame Fort Worth needs

For days the recent efforts of certain members of the Tarrant County Republican Party to remove Shahid Shafi from his position of leadership have brought unwelcome front-page news coverage in the Star-Telegram. Moreover, they also have invited extremely negative attention to our community across the country and abroad.

In fact, there has been so much of this notice that our governor and other prominent state and national politicians have felt compelled to intervene.

It is profoundly disturbing that nearly 25 percent of the county party seemingly aligned with the ominous white supremacist faction championed by Iowa Rep. Steve King.

Silas O Hughes Jr.,

Fort Worth

Time to grow the GOP tent

After reading the Saturday front-page story, “After Muslim vote, Tarrant GOP weighs how to move on,” about the Tarrant County GOP and Shahid Shafi, it became even more clear why the Republican Party can’t (or chooses not to) expand its appeal to minorities in this country.

My core beliefs are as conservative as they come. My father was a hard-working, religious conservative who taught his seven children to work hard and never look for a handout. Just like my father, I believe in smart fiscal policies, secure borders, no handouts for able-bodied individuals and a strong military.

However, I believe in a social safety net for those who need it. I think most people in this country have those same values.

The Republican Party should stop coddling racists such as those opposed to Shafi’s leadership because he is a Muslim. And maybe then they wouldn’t have to resort to dirty tricks and gerrymandering to win elections.

Windell Allen,

Fort Worth

Shutdown politics are always wrong

No politician should be legally allowed to close the federal or state government or require extra sessions without declaring an emergency. Just because the legislature does not do what the executive wants is not good enough. Making employees work without pay is slavery.

Deana Glenn,

Fort Worth