Letters to the Editor

Hate has no place in the church where I was taught Jesus’ love

Compiled by the Star-Telegram editorial board

Donnie Romero is pastor of the tiny Stedfast Baptist Church in Sansom Park.
Donnie Romero is pastor of the tiny Stedfast Baptist Church in Sansom Park. FortWorth

Build a wall against future problems

President Donald Trump is correct that a border wall with Mexico is common sense. It’s smart to build a storm shelter before a storm.

It’s obvious, too, that Democrats and 90 percent of the media moguls are only interested in destroying Trump, not in the welfare of America and national security.

Jim Hargrove,

Fort Worth

Romero, Shelley not following Jesus

Sex trumps hate. Donnie Romero was disqualified as a pastor because he had sex with prostitutes. (Jan. 5, 1A, “Anti-LGBTQ pastor in Fort Worth ousted for ‘sleeping with prostitutes’”)

Labeling gays as “the scum of the earth” must be acceptable, since his replacement, Jonathan Shelley, elaborates by calling gays things such as beasts, wicked, abominable and filthy. (Jan. 6, 1B, “Pastor who called gay people ‘vile’ gets Fort Worth church”)

What did Jesus do when he experienced people different from himself? Jesus cured the Gentiles, ate with sinners, conversed with women and praised Samaritans. In other woods, he treated people with the dignity that all God’s creation requires.

Consider the consequences of such language, especially in a leadership role. Gays are condemned for being who they are: God’s children. Parents of gay children are devastated that their precious offspring are so judged. Society is weakened by such negativity — especially the youth.

Love was and still is Jesus’ commandment.

Rita Cotterly,

Fort Worth

Farewell to Fort Worth golf titan

Wendell Conditt, who directed the Fort Worth Junior Golf Association’s boys’ championship since 1972, passed away on New Year’s Eve.

He was known by thousands of boys and their parents while he directed the tournament until his retirement in 2014. He also helped start the girls’ championship in 1974.

He was involved in golf, including being part-owner of Diamond Oaks Country Club, since the mid-1950s. One of his close friends, golfing great Lee Trevino, helped with sponsorship funds.

The tournament has been free since 1936, when businessman Marvin Leonard, who also built Shady Oaks and Colonial country clubs, helped start it. His daughter Marty has been an important supporter and sponsor.

Wendell had several businesses, but his true love was the junior tournament. He wanted to be remembered for that. It’s now conducted by the First Tee program.

Charles Clines,

North Richland Hills

Biden is just one among many here

When asked if he would run for president, former Vice President Joe Biden said, according to The New York Times: “If you can persuade me there is somebody better who can win, I’m happy not to do it.”

Here’s my opinion: No one is more qualified than you, Joe, but you are not qualified either.

Marshall Stewart,

Fort Worth

A lot of us here love Trump

It may surprise the staff at the Star-Telegram, but you have a heck of a lot of supporters of President Donald Trump among your readership. I usually try to ignore your obsession with all things progressive, but your constant anti-Trump, anti-conservative editorial cartoons make me sick.

I understand displaying political views on all sides, but yours is rarely, if ever, fair to those of us who love this country and this president.

Your news outlet is now like every East and West Coast rag. Congratulations, and welcome to bitterness, groupthink and mediocrity.

Lynn Pruitt,