Letters to the Editor

Don’t be flippant about the ‘flu’ at DFW Airport. Medical accuracy matters

Compiled by the Star-Telegram editorial board

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Stick to the actual medical facts

The Star-Telegram’s Jan. 9 front-page story “Flu isn’t the only nasty bug going around,” alleging that Dallas-Fort Worth Airport has been invaded by a respiratory “bug” that requires “quick antibiotics” and “probably won’t clear up on its own” is clinically incomplete and medically irresponsible.

In an age when physicians are being taught to be good stewards for appropriate antibiotic use, especially with bacterial resistance emergence, a vague description of a non-influenza upper-respiratory infection that needs early treatment with antibiotics fans the public’s anxieties, creating undue pressure on doctors to prescribe often-unnecessary medication.

As a physician, I know there are innumerable other respiratory viral illnesses that are not “flu” but do not respond to antibiotics. I also have never heard that allergic rhinitis curtails our ability to also mount an immune response to viral or bacterial infections.

Before publishing such a story, you should vet clinical details through infectious-disease and allergy specialists to provide proper balance.

Gary Strong,

Fort Worth

Texas senators, bring us sanity

The crisis at the border has been caused by President Donald Trump and his Republican sycophants’ immoral policies. If we want to take care of the crisis, we need more immigration judges. The backlog is more than 800,000 cases.

The border wall is at the very least ineffective and complete nonsense. Five billion dollars is just a down payment on destruction of fragile ecosystems, stealing property from private citizens and separating families while impeding commerce.

Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn need to tell Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to bring the issue to a vote. Shutting down the government because Trump is having a temper tantrum is nothing less than obscene, and it is not a democratic process.

I sincerely hope our senators will stand up for what is morally right, which does not include a useless and destructive wall. The majority does not want this wall, and we are holding our elected officials accountable.

Katheryn Rogers,


Actually, it’s about love of country

A Wednesday letter writer prayed to God hoping people don’t hate President Donald Trump more than they love their country.

People hate his lies because Americans can’t make good decisions based on lies. People hate that he spreads hatred and incites divisiveness rather than trying to unite us as we so desperately need. People hate that we no longer have other countries’ respect because of him. People hate that he bragged about grabbing women’s private parts.

Is any of this presidential?

I propose that people hate all these things because they love their country. We may have to love a brat of a child, but not our president who acts like one.

Wes Culwell,

Fort Worth

Fox News’ coverage isn’t about fakes

A Tuesday letter to the editor said that Fox News Channel disseminates distortion and lies. It implied that all Fox reports on are Hillary Clinton’s emails, even though we know that she conducted official State Department business on private, unsecured servers found in her private residence.

The letter also dismisses the 2012 terrorist attack on the American diplomatic compound in Benghazi among “other fake issues.” I am sure the families of four Americans killed in that assault would be horrified to hear it called fake.

Fox News is the only channel that gives you both sides of the news. No other one does that. Fox features several liberal contributors every day on several programs. All the other news networks present only the left/liberal side.

This letter writer owes the families of the victims of the Benghazi attack an apology.

Sandra Lewis,