Letters to the Editor

Worried about crime? Pay attention to your own front porch

Compiled by the Star-Telegram editorial board

Why aren’t people worried about the border similarly concerned about the theft of packages delivered to our homes?
Why aren’t people worried about the border similarly concerned about the theft of packages delivered to our homes? NYT

Illegal immigration has great costs

As soon as we prevent the continual invasion, Mexico and the other countries will have to take care of their own.

The United States spends millions of dollars processing and taking care of immigrants who enter our country, and their countries of origin do not reimburse us. Also, how do those countries use the foreign aid we send them? We could discontinue that.

That wall would save us much more than its cost.

Eva Snapka,


If it’s all about the Fed, then …

The president takes all the credit when the stock market rises. Conversely, he blames the Federal Reserve when the market sinks — the same Fed headed by his handpicked nominee, Jerome Powell.

He can’t have it both ways.

William W. Thorburn,


No way to treat our fellow fighters

Say a prayer for the Kurds who have bravely fought and died in Syria and Iraq, fighting ISIS terrorists alongside our troops. Once again, the Kurds are being abandoned by the U.S. in Syria, just as they were in Iraq.

Let us hope they will not perish like another former U.S. ally — the Degar, also known as the Montagnard — did in Vietnam.

J.W. Sullivan,


I don’t like to see it in the paper

The best Christmas gift of all arrived Tuesday morning: a Star-Telegram that did not have a derogatory cartoon of President Donald Trump on the editorial page. A very merry Christmas to all.

Gary Key,

Morgan Mill

More than one kind of criminal

A Tuesday letter writer from Arlington wrote that we need the border wall with Mexico because, “This is my home, and I don’t want people who want to break in.” (17A)

Well, sir, if that wall gets built, please don’t let your guard down. We get daily crime alerts on our Nextdoor neighborhood website of folks stealing packages and browsing on private property. Almost all the videos show Caucasian criminals. I don’t recall seeing evidence of someone who looks as if he may have crossed our borders.

Be safe out there, and happy New Year.

Barbara Suber,

Fort Worth

Immigration can’t be never-ending

Now come Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Polesi before President Donald Trump saying under no circumstances will they give him $5 billion for the wall.

Being somewhat of a simpleton, I wonder: Do they and other Democrats live in gated communities, walled estates or controlled-access condos or apartments?

I have no problem with letting good, law-abiding immigrants come here from Mexico or Central America. They are our neighbors. If they have no money, we need a better, speedier system for them to immigrate.

The Democrats seem to want to flood the country with people who come here illegally to keep their party in power forever. How many Democrats even care about these poor people? How many even know poor people?

There are 7.7 billion people in the world. Are we to open our borders and let them all in? This is madness.

Michael H. Kilgore,

Forest Hill

We need a way out of DMV woes

My thanks to Howard A. Hickman for his column saying it is time to abolish the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. (Dec. 16, 5B, “Texas DMV is a costly failure; time to abolish it, move it back to DOT”)

I have had three recent instances of trying to get a driver’s license renewed. I stayed on the phone on hold for 45 minutes so I could speak to a person to resolve my issue. It is a nightmare to go to the office and stand in line for an hour, even if I had an appointment.

This agency is out of control. So thanks, Mr. Hickman, for having the courage to speak out.

J. F. Lowe,

Fort Worth