Letters to the Editor

A fix for carbon dioxide in the air right under cows’ noses

IRG, or intensive rotational grazing of cattle and other ruminant animals, could help restore nature’s balance.
IRG, or intensive rotational grazing of cattle and other ruminant animals, could help restore nature’s balance. AP

Cattle can be part of the solution

There is an excellent way to ameliorate excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere: IRG, or intensive rotational grazing of cattle and other ruminant animals.

IRG mimics the process by which the vast herds of bison built the highly fertile prairies. They would harvest the grass, fertilizing the soil as they went, then move on, allowing grazed-over land to rest for a long period. That allowed the plants to regrow while building massive root systems, which pulled carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and incorporated it into the soil as carbon.

Carbon is the basis for soil fertility, structure and efficient water, and builds the population of beneficial microbes that eliminate the need for synthetic fertilizers. This is called carbon sequestration, and it is capable of pulling tons of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into the soil.

Cattle could well be the savior of the planet if managed properly, while providing one of the most nutritionally dense foods known.

Brad Wahlert,


An inappropriate use of our money

Gov. Greg Abbott is advocating legislation that would ban local taxing entities (independent school districts, municipalities and counties) from using taxpayer money to pay lobbyists.

These lobbyists are paid big bucks to work against taxpayers’ interests on such issues as caps on property tax rate increases, property tax freezes, limits on eminent domain, use of red light cameras and more.

It is highly unethical for local taxing entities to spend taxpayer money to lobby against taxpayers’ interests. This practice should be stopped immediately by passage of appropriate legislation.

All taxpayers need to support Abbott in his effort to ban this practice by contacting their state senators and representatives to make their feelings known.

Bob Stewart,


Texas should be a model for all

Republicans on an Idaho House panel early this year introduced anti-Sharia legislation to prevent Idaho courts from making decisions based on Islamic legal codes. Similar anti-Sharia bills are being considered in several other states.

Under Sharia’s religious laws:

▪  There is no freedom of religion or freedom of speech.

▪  There is no equality among people (the non-Muslim is not equal to the Muslim).

▪  There are no equal rights for men and women.

Sharia is incompatible with the American Constitution.

Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law the anti-Sharia House Bill 45, more commonly known as “American Laws for American Courts.” Every Western country should adopt it.

Sharia has no place in the Western world. Western countries should ban the practice of Sharia law.

Carole Worley,

Wichita Falls

Don’t let bigotry take you over

I am a Republican, and I am so sad that anyone is judging Dr. Shahid Shafi on his religion. I thought we were more grown up than that.

It doesn’t matter what faith he is, or if he practices any faith for that matter. But a racist is someone who doesn’t like a person because of his or her skin — and that’s wrong, too.

God made us all. Leave Shafi alone. He was selected for his office.

I’ve had to fight with so many because I voted for President Donald Trump (and I will again). But let’s act grown up. We are teaching our children to hate for no reason.

I hate no one. Try it. It’s great.

Bless you all.

Cheryl Turner,