Letters to the Editor

Arlington residents, you already have power without Prop E

Compiled by the Star-Telegram editorial board


Hands know what the mind is doing?

The Star-Telegram’s endorsements of incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott and Rep. Beto O’Rourke for U.S. Senate clearly show that you don’t have any idea what you believe in.

Carla Green,

Fort Worth

Sorry, these are not Republicans

After voting Republican nearly all my life, I am now sad to say that Congressional Republicans have failed us.

Although they continue to refer to themselves as conservatives, they no longer represent traditional conservative values. Other than working full time to get reelected, their highest priority is to ensure that President Donald Trump gets what he wants.

Trump promised to drain the swamp. Unfortunately, the only members of Congress leaving are those who have our country’s best interests at heart but no longer wish to be part of the name-calling, demagoguery and extreme partisanship that Trump has encouraged.

Those who plan to stay are afraid to speak out, are pledged to ensure Trump has total control of all three branches of government and refuse to hold him accountable for anything.

They seem to forget they swore to support and defend the Constitution, not to support and defend a would-be autocrat.

James Withaeger,


We have a leadership vacuum

The horrible events of the last week have deeply saddened our divided nation. My heart breaks for Pittsburgh. Our president continues to use irresponsible language; I will not call it rhetoric.

I admire and applaud members of the Pittsburgh affiliate of Bend the Arc, who signed an open letter to President Donald Trump stating that they will not welcome him to Pittsburgh unless he denounces white nationalism and stops targeting minorities, immigrants and refugees.

Pittsburgh’s mayor requested the president not visit until the city had buried its dead. But Trump went ahead and visited Tuesday, the day of the first funeral for the victims.

I consider the president’s refusal to change his language abhorrent. Trump is not solely responsible for these crimes, but he continues to fan the flames of hatred without ceasing.

We desperately need leadership, not nationalism.

Jennifer Regen,

Fort Worth

Arlington term limits debate

Proposition E proponent Zack Maxwell would have you believe that an unidentified “good ol’ boys’ club” elects the Arlington City Council so that city residents can’t serve. (Oct. 24, 1A, “Arlington term limits would bring in changes”) He is wrong.

Council members are elected one vote at a time by you. They are Arlington residents. They don’t move to Austin unseen until the next election cycle. They drive down the same streets and shop in the same stores as you.

If you don’t like them, you have the power to vote them out. If you think they are doing a good job, you have the power to keep them.

Proposition E would take away your power. It would take away your voice to elect who you think is the best for the job.

Keep your voice. Keep your power. Vote no on Proposition E.

Margey Almy,


I’m leaning toward voting for Arlington City Council term limits simply because when I reached out to my City Council representatives about issues, they were unresponsive.

Maybe that’s something to consider when letting people have power for an unlimited amount of time and they think their positions are a given.

Adam Legler,