Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor: Trump, Adia, Cruz, O’Rourke

Trump: Make America worse again

Donald Trump’s toxic rants designed to stoke fear and anger in his base have succeeded.

His base has become angrier and more frightened. His tirades have led to concrete attempts of domestic terror.

Trump falsely calls citizens engaging in peaceful rallies disagreeing with his policies “mobs.” (Yet he refused to call violent neo-Nazis in Charlottesville a mob.)

Those disagreeing with his policies are labeled threats to America.

Trump’s inflammatory words and actions make America worse.

Cary Clark,

Fort Worth

Radicals pose threat to Republicans

What has this country come to when Republican members of Congress and their families cannot go to a restaurant or public place without being harassed or threatened?

Maxine Waters, for one, is publicly inciting violence against Republican lawmakers, and nothing is done to curb her rhetoric.

Shame on the left-wing radicals who partake in or approve of such political violence.

Someone is going to get seriously hurt or possibly killed if this radical behavior continues.

Angela Benvenuto,


It’s time to replace Granger with Adia

There was a time 30 years ago when I supported Kay Granger, a bright, energetic and charismatic former schoolteacher — just the person we needed in office.

But let’s face it. After 11 terms, Kay is ready for retirement.

She admitted as much when she said it was just too dangerous for her to hold town hall meetings. Come on, Kay, in your prime, you would never have even thought such a thing.

It’s time to elect another bright, energetic and charismatic teacher, Vanessa Adia — who is not afraid to hold town hall meetings or talk to voters who challenge her, and not beholden to business and oil.

We need a representative who understands education and health issues today, not as they were three decades ago.

Let’s elect a congresswoman with energy and courage, who will represent us, not rubber stamp President Donald Trump’s agenda.

Leslie Hawke,


Cruz has been good for America

When I look at Beto O’Rourke, I see a closeted Democrat.

His TV ads don’t fool anyone. A vote for him is a vote for the Democratic agenda of relaxed borders, health care for all, higher taxes (someone has to pay), incivility and mob violence, and impeaching President Donald Trump.

Fact: As candidates, Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz had a bruising campaign. Words flew.

But when Trump was chosen, Cruz put away the campaign rhetoric. He has put his country first and has worked alongside the president in his goal to Make America Great Again.

It’s working. America needs Sen. Cruz.

—Bonnie Hogg,


Longtime Republican supports O’Rourke

I worked in my first political campaign as a college student for Richard Nixon for president in 1968.

I became an active Republican, serving a few terms on the Tarrant County Republican Party executive committee as a moderate progressive.

These days, there are fewer and fewer moderate progressives winning in Texas. Unfortunately, the likes of John Tower, John Connally, Bill Clements, Lloyd Bentsen and Kay Bailey Hutchison are few and far between.

It is important that Texans have intelligent, people-oriented representation in government.

That is why I am supporting Beto O’Rourke.

His advocacy for public education, a just and fair immigration policy and affordable health care for all are just three very good reasons.

Another is the much-needed balance he would help provide.

—Jesse Pierrard,

Fort Worth

Panther Island story missing key quotes

Where are the quotes from U.S. Rep. Kay Granger or J.D. Granger in the front-page story about Panther Island?

They are the chief chefs of this billion-dollar boondoggle.

—David Lindsey,

Fort worth

Don’t count Beto out just yet

Bud Kennedy’s column on the possibility of “Beto burnout” (Oct. 21) makes some valid observations.

Democrats in Texas are in the minority, and for them, every statewide campaign is an uphill battle.

But to suggest that Beto’s campaign is fizzling because attendance at a recent Fort Worth event was slow arriving is highly subjective.

All those missing supporters were probably out raising another million dollars.

—Jerry Schmidt,


Improper flag display was egregious

Was I the only Texan horrified to see our state flag displayed improperly at the rally?

This was a worldwide stage and the producers of the event egregiously failed us.

How is it possible no one noticed?

—W. A. Grammer,

Fort Worth

It’s time to add Christians to travel ban

No one can dispute the effectiveness of President Donald Trump’s Muslim travel ban in keeping out people from places like Libya and Iran.

The president needs to work his magic again. We need a Christian travel ban for countries like Honduras and Guatemala.

With his evangelical support, he can get this ban in place and keep unwanted refugees out of our country.

If anyone wants to love these people as neighbors, then go to their countries and love them there.

—Larry Mason,


Republicans have let Texas down

At the debates, Sen. Ted Cruz asked if Texans are better off.

The Texas Legislature spent much of the last session fighting for a senseless bathroom bill, and our U.S. Congress passed a tax bill where 70 percent of the cuts go to people earning $100,000 or more.

Here is where Texas stands on issues that affect us all: Texas ranks 43rd in education, 41st in health care and 38th in poverty, including 22 percent of children.

We also have a high maternal mortality rate.

Our Texas attorney general is fighting to eliminate mandatory coverage for pre-existing conditions.

We can do better. The GOP no longer represents the needs of Texans.

Texans should vote against Republican candidates until they are willing to represent everyone.

—Debbie Garcia,


Democrat Powell deserves vote

Whenever I hear anyone from any party say to vote a straight party line, I always cringe.

We should be well-educated voters and elect well-qualified candidates who are looking out for the good of people they represent, not the corporations and PACs who provide the funds to keep them in office.

Konni Burton is heavily funded by West Texas interests. She continually votes to suppress the power of city and other local governments so the state can dictate more power.

Where will it end?

This Republican will be voting for Beverly Powell, a Democrat.

—Dan Blake,


Yeast problem again

What has happened to our bread?

It smells and tastes like a toxic waste dump. I can’t even walk through my kitchen without gagging.

I went fishing in a clear lake, and a school of large carp swam up near the dock. So I made a dough ball, put it on my hook and everyone of them swam up, sucked it in and promptly spit it out.

I remember when bread smelled so delicious you felt you could eat the whole loaf.

—Mike Grimes,

Fort Worth