Letters to the Editor

Readers write on syndicated cartoon ‘Field Guide to Liberals’


Poor reflection on Fort Worth

I am disappointed in the decision to include the “Field Guide to Liberals” political cartoon in the Star-Telegram (Rick McKee, Augusta Chronicle, Thursday).

I expect more from a paper that has won two Pulitzer Prizes than to print a hateful graphic. This cartoon serves no purpose aside from spreading xenophobic rhetoric and ideas.

This is a poor reflection on Fort Worth, who we are and what we value.

Shame on the cartoonist and everyone involved in making this decision. We are better than this.

— Erin Roark Murphy,

Slap in the face to Fort Worth

It’s hard to understand how a paper and editorial board who has no doubt called for renewed civility in the public discourse would publish the “Field Guide to Liberals.”

Slander, racism, blatant misogyny and ignorance — all neatly wrapped in one cartoon.

Congrats on denigrating your publication.
— Noah Lambert,
Fort Worth

‘Slander, racism, misogyny and ignorance’

As a longtime subscriber, I’ve noticed many positive changes being made to our city over the years.

We’re not a perfect city, but I appreciate the efforts made to represent and reflect Fort Worth and its vast diversity.

I was shocked to see the highly offensive and inflammatory political cartoon.

It goes against any positive efforts and is a slap in the face to Fort Worth citizens and its leaders who have been working hard to improve.

Fort Worth is not a perfect city, but, regardless of political affiliation, this is not what I believe should be a reflection of our city
— Tracy Trahan,
Fort Worth

Reminder to go out and vote

I’m incredibly surprised to see the cartoon you published.

It reflects a sick, bigoted, racist, sexist mindset.

On the one hand, it makes me ashamed to be associated with Fort Worth.

But on the bright side, maybe you’re just trying to reinforce to liberals that they need to get out to vote against this sort of attitude?

— Christine Faught,
Fort Worth

Unnecessary slight to Democrats

The cartoon was appalling and offensive.

While you pander to your conservative readers, you ignore the fact that in Tarrant County, there are more than 500,000 Democrats, and we read your paper, too.

When I picture a liberal, I picture people like my sister who knocks on doors everyday with her son in his wheelchair fighting for health care. Or my friend who works in a school for refugee students and is knocking doors to protect her immigrant students.

We are real people with real concerns, and your cartoon made a mockery of what is truly at stake in this election.
— Allison Rix,
Fort Worth

‘Three communities for one joke’

The cartoon was in poor taste and hurtful to those in our community.
You chose to share a cartoon that made jokes at the expense of the LGBTQ community, African-Americans and American Indians — three communities for one joke.
Was it worth it? Not to mention the right and left have correctly called out Sen. Elizabeth Warren for her actions and dismissed Rachel Dolezal’s personal race claims. I’m disappointed.
— Mary Claire Collins,
Fort Worth

The cartoon had a point

For those liberals who are unable to self-reflect, I think that the artist was communicating our nature to colonize, and assume we can speak for the oppressed, as our imperialist past of acting on the “white man’s burden” shows.

Can a man be a woman? No, but liberals think that a man can claim womanhood and then speak for the female sex class.

Can a white person be black? No, but like a man who thinks he can “identify” as a woman and be the same, so does Rachel Dolezal think she can assume the identity and struggles of black people.

Is Elizabeth Warren American Indian? No, but for some reason she feels it necessary to assume their identity to prove some sort of shared oppression that does not exist.
Save your outrage and think.

— Jenny Del Toro,
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