Letters to the Editor


Capital punishment

Bob Ray Sanders, as usual, missed the mark in his Wednesday column on the death penalty in Texas.

It’s not the death penalty that’s a blight on the soul of Texas.

It’s the evil people deserving of the death penalty who are a blight.

The death penalty should always be available for capital crimes, if for no other reason than protecting society from dangerous criminals who have demonstrated that they are a continuing menace to society.

Some people argue that the death penalty is too expensive.

If we didn’t have this ridiculous, practically endless appeals process, whereby some persons sentenced to death stay on Death Row appealing their case for decades, the death penalty would not be nearly as expensive.

And why should lethal injection be the only method of execution available?

— Mike Jones, Fort Worth

Sanders just can’t get over the fact that Texas leads the nation in executing criminals for their crimes in accordance with state law.

I’m proud that Texas follows through on punishment that is well deserved, albeit too late. He forgets that these criminals, who are the lowest form of society, gave their victims cruel and unusual punishment that wasn’t deserved.

It’s funny that liberals are OK when criminals fail in their crime and are killed in the act. It’s only when they succeed and kill an innocent victim that we’re supposed to develop compassion.

If only Bob Ray could experience the pain of having an only brother gunned down in a “successful” armed robbery.

For every time Bob Ray drives to Huntsville to protest another execution, I’ll drive there to give the drug, pull the trigger or light up the chair.

— David Johnson, Weatherford

All that’s required to get liberals, like Bob Ray Sanders, to endorse capital punishment is a simple change in terminology.

Instead of referring to these procedures as “executions,” we should call them “late-term abortions.”

— Paul B. Martin, Cleburne

GOP job killers

With the fall of Blue Bell, Republican governance is now a proven job killer.

A corporation, enabled by lax policy on plant cleanliness and inspection, was literally taken down by a microorganism.

“Small government” Republicans are setting back enforcement on issues that impact the lives of Texans: food safety, bridge and dam safety, environmental regulations, slow-pay privileges to insurance companies, healthcare denied, etc.

Perhaps the most egregious Blue Bell comment was from a company spokesman. He told of 1,400 lost jobs in Brenham, an income loss that will have a domino effect, killing off other local businesses soon.

He capped his statement with this gem: “Employees essential to cleanup and repair efforts will continue working but have their pay reduced.”

Texas and Blue Bell are both arrogant and oblivious to the hurt they inflict on hard-working people caught up in this scenario of bad business policy.

— Pat Gentry, Arlington

Climate change

In his Wednesday commencement speech at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, President Obama said that climate change, aka global warming, is our most important national security threat.

For years, we in North Texas have been led to believe that our climate would become semi-arid eventually. Instead, we are becoming a rainforest.

Who knew? Maybe Obama knows more than we give him credit for. It might be difficult to scramble fighter jets from the Joint Reserve Base if runways are underwater.

— Michael Kilgore, Forest Hill


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