Letters to the Editor

More readers complain about border kids and interracial TV romances; another sees ‘bigotry and racism’

Immigrants who turned themselves in wait to be processed April 2 near McAllen.
Immigrants who turned themselves in wait to be processed April 2 near McAllen. REUTERS

The border: Tired of liberal do-gooders

I agree that separating children from their parents is not good.

However, there are 14 million immigrants in this country illegally.

I am so tired of do-gooders, bleeding-heart liberals and the news media not addressing this.

There are legal ways to enter this country. My husband just helped a family get here legally.

Those who continue to come illegally, knowing their children may be separated, are to blame for this situation.

Are there groups concerned about abused, hungry, kidnapped and homeless children in this country? The paper reported several abused children’s deaths last week.

—Pat Loftin, Windthorst

The border: ‘We have enough babies’

The U.S. did not separate immigrant kids first.

Mothers brought them here without fathers, and without legal permission from fathers.

Where are the legal documents from fathers giving permission to leave the home country?

We have enough babies of our own. Give them back their kids at the border and, goodbye.

We love everybody. In their country.

—Carlota Sanchez,


The border: Dilute whose culture?

The Letters column Tuesday was full of bigotry and racism.

How sad that the collective sensibilities of so many have not matured from the 1930s South.

It demeans our nation’s credo that all men are created equal and entitled to equal rights under the law.

Nowhere was this clearer than in the letter complainin, “The overwhelming numbers will dilute our [white?] culture, laws, and government.”

America was already inhabited with an indigenous race of people when “white” settlers (invaders?) arrived. Our founders were slave-owners, yes, but American society progressed with the times and welcomed immigrants from all over the world.

I for one do not understand the preoccupation of so many with the imagined superiority of themselves simply by the color of their skin, with no accounting given for the “content of their character.”

—Robert Moore,

Fort Worth

On gay, interracial TV shows: ‘Enough’

We totally agree. (Letters, Tuesday)

Every single show has gay or interracial storylines or both.

We are aware of this becoming more popular, but please quit.

I welcome Christian-based shows and ads, but I guess that’s not politically correct to share.

Enough is enough.

—Becki Hutchison,

North Richland Hills

For O’Rourke: Cruz wrong on border

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz defends Trump’s Immigration policy, which separates asylum-seeking parents from their children at the border.

Cruz often repeats the story of his immigrant dad. There’s a big difference in what Ted’s dad’s experienced and what today’s immigrants must endure.

As a Cuban immigrant Ted’s dad was guaranteed asylum in the U.S. He didn’t fear immigration officers knocking at his door threatening detention or deportation.

A bright, charismatic congressman from El Paso, U.S. Rep. Beto O’Rourke, summed it up.

He said “You are either for separating children from their parents or you are against it. I am against it.”

Beto believes we are better than this.

—Doyle C. Fine II,

Fort Worth

For Cruz: O’Rourke wrong on abortion

Do you really believe Texans are going to vote in a fellow who wants to see more abortions?

We saw the same sort backing Wendy Davis.

—Paul Kropnick,


For Democrats: They’re in touch

A letter incorrectly described the Democrats’ agenda. (Wednesday)

Gun control: Yes. It’s time to ban military assault-style weapons.

Healthcare: Where is that cheaper/better alternative to the ACA?

Living wages (raise the minimum wage).

Women’s rights (pro-choice, equal pay).

LGBTQ rights.

Environmental issues: Make it illegal again to pollute our air and water, quit selling off national parks.

Help our citizens in Puerto Rico.

Immigration: No Muslim ban. (And seeking sylum in the U.S. is legal.

Work with our allies. Tariffs get passed on to the consumers.

Separation of church and state.

Support our CIA/FBI. Let Mueller do his job.

—Elizabeth Tye,


Save the snakes: roundups inhumane

Snake roundups are inhumane.

The practice of pouring gasoline down snake holes harms the environment and the animals in it.

In addition, dumping snakes in pits crushes other snakes in the pit.

To satisfy tourists, trappers rip the fangs out of snakes’ mouths and sew them shut so people can take pictures with them.

—Sam Thomas, Haslet

Too much trivial nonsense in news

Is IHOP putting a “B” after “IHO” newsworthy? Or Costco adding a “healthy” item on their menu?

It seems we are all caught up in such trivial nonsense.

I am so proud of the families and citizens of Thailand for the way they handled a horrific situation. Maybe they can teach us something about life.

—Patricia Byrnes,

West Palm Beach, Florida