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Election fallout

Sharon Moss votes at Handley-Meadowbrook Community Center on May 9.
Sharon Moss votes at Handley-Meadowbrook Community Center on May 9. Star-Telegram

Election fallout

Thank you for giving us in north Fort Worth (City Council District 4) a pat on the back in a May 12 editorial, “The powerful messages from local elections.”

I’m not sure, however, that we deserve the accolade “powerful.”

According to the Tarrant County Elections Office, nearly 53,000 registered voters live in District 4, with a large number of them in north Fort Worth. Less than 8 percent of us (3,894) cast ballots in the May 9 election, through which we elected Cary Moon as our new District 4 City Council member.

While Cary trounced incumbent Danny Scarth by nearly 800 votes, Moon’s number of votes (2,266) equated to just over 4 percent of the registered voters in District 4; Scarth’s total was only about 3 percent.

If 4 percent is the new definition of “power,” so be it. Perhaps “default power” is more accurate, given by the overwhelming majority who are apathetic to what and who affects their daily lives. To truly be powerful in a city with more than 375,000 registered voters, many more of us in north Fort Worth need to be involved.

For now, the real power and the accolades go to the Cary Moons, Danny Scarths and countless others who perform public service in our great city, despite there being so few who care whether they do good or bad.

— Tom C. Burke, Fort Worth

The mayoral and council races in Haltom City were hard-fought and resulted in the defeat of two incumbents, Mayor Richard Hutchison (by a mere 79 votes) and Councilwoman Marian Hilliard. Thanks to both for their service to the city.

The real loser in this election was voter participation. With the opportunities for early voting, a rainy election day is no excuse for a dismal turnout when in other parts of the world voters risk their lives to cast ballots.

— Ann Bastable, Haltom City

Now that the dust is settling from the May 9 elections, it’s time to reflect on the size of Fort Worth and the City Council districts.

We need a charter review and possible changes. The council districts are too big and too diverse to be really manageable.

The 10-and-one system that we talked about before should be implemented, with three-year staggered terms and a pay raise for the mayor and council members. To do their jobs right takes too many hours for the amount they are paid.

The extra year would give them time to see projects through before they have to start campaigning and raising money. Fort Worth is growing, and we need to do all we can to keep competent people interested in being a part of the governing body.

— Wanda Conlin, Fort Worth

Waco shootout

I read with interest about the shootout at a Waco watering hole. Obviously, there were not enough guns at the event. If everyone had been better armed, there would not have been the need for police presence.

— W.B. Slaughter, Fort Worth


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