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The Legislature’s last days

The Lege’s last days

As the 84th session of the Legislature winds down, our Republican leadership can’t throw enough love at our needy gun lobby.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick was cautious at first, but now the floodgates are opening. Open carry, concealed carry and campus carry wasn’t enough love, though. Concealed-handgun licensees needed protection from police asking to see their license, so a House bill was going to take care of that.

Although 76 percent of Texas police chiefs oppose open carry, who cares what a police chief or a university chancellor thinks when state Rep. Jonathan Stickland is feeling the love, and open-carry activist Kory Watkins can continue to “protect” us with or without a license?

Those needing more “opportunities to enjoy their Second Amendment rights” deserve a tax-free holiday, too. Stocking up on guns and ammo is essential because the federal government has plans to invade Texas soon.

I won’t label this legislation extreme, because state Sen. Craig Estes believes anyone who fears guns has a mental disorder.

This is what I’ve learned:

Guns are no threat to our civil society; it’s the godless Pre-K classes that pose the ultimate threat to Texas families.

— Cherry Langford, North Richland Hills


Our legislators are really using their time and energy wisely: Working on laws against gay marriage and protecting clergy from having to perform these ceremonies!

What about homelessness, education, road conditions and mental health in Fort Worth and Texas, to name a few?

Oh — those issues would actually take some real problem-solving.

Remind me how successful these lawmakers have been for “others” when it comes time to vote.

— Jeanneane Keene, Lakeside

It is the responsibility of our representatives in Austin to listen to all voices, not silence those whose opinions differ from their own.

It appears that state Sen. Konni Burton has proposed legislation regarding our cities and school districts without asking the stakeholders. Surely there is a learning curve for freshman senators!

I have confidence in our mayor and other elected officials and hate to see them being bullied by someone who should be looking out for the needs of the people in her district.

— G.F. Ryan, Fort Worth


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