Letters to the Editor

Readers complaint list: bikes, traffic lights, park filth, baseball

A bike route sign in Arlington, Texas.
A bike route sign in Arlington, Texas. Star-Telegram archives

Complaint desk: Bicycles

The “road trash” that gets blown into these lanes needs to be cleaned off on a frequent basis if you expect riders to use these lanes. ("Safer streets will mean more bikers," May 25)

This type of maintenance is expensive, so it’s time bicyclists start paying their fair share.

The vehicle owners for whom roads were originally built pay gas taxes, registration fees, inspection fees and licensing fees. Cyclists pay none of these nor do they have to prove that they even know the rules of the road.

It’s time they did.

When you rent a car you must have insurance and show a license. Cyclists must be treated the same.

—Ernest J. Colantonio,

Fort Worth

Complaint desk: filth in Krauss-Baker Park

The drainage system that flows through Wedgwood East to the small pond in Krauss-Baker Park is so filthy and full of trash, it is surely mosquito heaven.

Ducks and their ducklings, nutrias, turtles, fish and birds all depend on this water area for survival.

I wish it could be a simple neighborhood cleanup, but I am afraid it has gone way past that.

I imagine that every city department is overworked and understaffed, but this involves living creatures who depend on mankind for help.

—Sandra Seyffert,

Fort Worth

Complaint desk: Loop 820

After all the construction mess at Loop 820 and Interstate 35W, we are no better off if not worse than before.

We were promised three lanes westbound from Texas 183 to 820. All they built so far was two.

Was money for the toll road more important?

It's a complete nightmare. A child could have designed this better.

—Becki Hutchison,

North Richland Hills

Complaint desk: Traffic lights

Other than their ability to transform free-flowing traffic into tightly bunched packs of cars, decreasing our fuel mileage, and increasing area pollution = global warming, are there any other advantages that poorly timed traffic signals provide for drivers?

Perfect examples are the signals at West Berry Street at College Avenue, and signals at the intersections of Bellaire Drive South at Overton Park Drive East and West.

—Larry Widmer,

Fort Worth

Complaint desk: Baseball

Mike Schmidt’s commentary on today’s baseball is right on.

I saw my first game on July 4, 1947 at age 8 and became a lifetime baseball fan.

As a Rangers season ticket holder, I go to a lot of games because I love the game and there is nothing like being in the stadium.

But I am becoming disenchanted with the game when more than 40 percent of at-bats result in a strikeout, walk or home run.

Singles, the hit-and-run, stolen bases and sacrifice bunts seem to be becoming extinct, and the game has become almost boring.

When I was a kid, you could go to a doubleheader played in five hours total with a 20-minute break. Now, the game lasts more than three hours.

My backside hurts thinking of it.

—Rick Weintraub,