Letters to the Editor

Readers' letters blame movies, TV, video games, abortion, 'socialist doctrine'

Real culprits: movies, TV, games

Youth have no idea who and what the NRA is and does.

They are led by adults who give them talking points.

The youth need to protest the real culprits: Hollywood, television programs and the violent games they play.

The NRA does not promote violence. It promotes gun safety and responsible ownership, and protection for everyone under the Second Amendment.

I will respect the current youth movement if they will direct their action toward the real culprits.

—Brent Beal, Keller

Real culprits: socialism, abortion

As an NRA member for about two decades, neither I nor my firearms have murdered anyone.

No NRA member has ever attacked a church, school or any public place. In Sutherland Springs, it was an NRA member who stopped the loss of countless lives.

Why are you promoting these misguided children who have obviously been taught socialist doctrine, but yet you fail to acknowledge the over 60 million babies murdered since 1973?

—Tom Benthall,


Stop ridiculous solutions

I was astonished to hear Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick assert that we need to reconfigure all schools to protect against gun violence.

Does he think that will cost nothing? The expense is well beyond the budget.

Then do we proceed to do it for churches (Sutherland Springs), nightclubs (Orlando), theaters (Aurora) and music venues (Las Vegas) and all other gun violence locales?

We need to face up to gun violence and stop offering only prayers and ridiculous solutions.

Age restrictions, mental health requirements, registration, licensing and gun owners' civil liability all need to be on the table.

—Marty Goldsmith,

Fort Worth

Can't understand lack of concern

I can understand why some guys are members of the NRA and strut around with an assault weapon.

But it's beyond my comprehension how any NRA member with children or grandchildren wouldn't be horrified at the thought of a mentally ill man carrying an AR-15 military-style rifle into a church, a concert, a school, or a theater and shooting 45 men, women, and children in less time than it would take to read this letter.

—Sharon Austry,

Fort Worth

On Danziger's cartoon

Jeff Danziger's cartoon is outrageous in distorting what actually took place in Gaza. ("The Defense of Israel," May 17)

The number of casualties was sad, but Israel was facing a serious security situation that went far beyond rocks thrown.

Hamas, a terrorist organization committed to Israel's destruction, organized large groups, including some people with weapons, to destroy Israel's border fence in order to invade. It was not a peaceful protest.

It is bad enough that Hamas cynically intimidated its population and put them at risk by their egregious tactics. It is worse when observers buy into the false narrative that innocent Palestinians were mowed down.

Danziger's distortion is unfair to Israel and harmful to the Palestinians, because it strengthens Hamas into believing that it can get away with atrocious behavior.

—Cheryl Drazin, Dallas