Letters to the Editor

Remembering America in better days, and other reader letters

Ann Beeson of Austin will celebrate Mother's Day with her son, Oscar Kimzey.
Ann Beeson of Austin will celebrate Mother's Day with her son, Oscar Kimzey. Ann Beeson

Remembering an America in bygone days

Ann Beeson reminded me of an America that was. ("A Mother's Reflection on Prosperity Across Generations," Sunday)

Our country once invested in people — all kinds.

The returning veterans had a government program offering them college or vocational training.

Middle-class people had government programs to ease buying a home.

Public schools and universities were well-supported so that students started work without a lot of debt.

Parents could see their way to retirement because wages were not stagnant. They had a sense of life getting better.

Investments made in people paid off for decades over generations.

What happened?

Someone started calling these programs "socialistic."

They asserted that government is always the problem and never the solution.

Our country started investing in corporations and the superwealthy.

And that's where we are today.

—Loveta Eastes,


'Support our troops'? Then pay up

We often see signs and stickers urging us to "Support Our Troops."

The sincerity of that sentiment might gain credibility if it were followed by "Vote for raising taxes to pay for improved veterans' benefits."

—Delmar H. Dolbier,

Fort Worth

Thanks to Northlake for speed patrols

Northlake is to be commended on its dedication to traffic enforcement, including along the short stretch of Interstate 35W. ("This small town made $5 million on traffic tickets, but don't call it a speed trap," May 2)

To be clear, there is no such thing as a speed trap. If drivers object to being stopped and ticketed, they have a choice: don't speed. Simple as that.

It's an unfortunate reality that Arlington has few if any traffic enforcement initiatives. There is no fear on Arlington streets for those exhibiting aggression, red-light violators, and excessive speeders.

When you look at Plano, Richardson and Garland, to cite a few examples, active traffic enforcement and red-light cameras are in use and working to improve safety. Not so in Arlington.

So kudos to Northlake and its police department. Keep up the good work, and thank you for putting forth the effort.

—Mark H. Whatley,


For Gallagher in 342nd District Court

Pat Gallagher is the best-qualified candidate for judge of the 342nd District Court.

The Tarrant County Bar Association Judicial Candidate Qualification Poll said so. He received more than four times the number of "Well-Qualified" votes as his opponent.

Pat Gallagher's experience also sets him apart from his opponent. He has tried hundreds of cases to juries.

Judges must be impartial. The best way to elect impartial judges is to choose qualifications and experience over politics.

Please vote for the candidate who has the superior qualifications and experience. Please vote for Pat Gallagher in the Republican primary runoff.

—James G. Stouffer Jr.,

Fort Worth