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Readers comment on Mansfield teacher's lawsuit, Iran, racism

Mansfield teacher files sexual orientation discrimination lawsuit

"The law is on Stacy's side," said her attorney. Watch as he and Bailey's wife defend her case.
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"The law is on Stacy's side," said her attorney. Watch as he and Bailey's wife defend her case.

Don't bring family life to the classroom

Whatever happened to keeping your personal life out of your work life?

It has always been expected that you should not bring your personal life to work, and I fail to see why this particular circumstance should be different, much less a mandate to allow this in the school systems. ("Gay teacher's wife: She was punished by Mansfield ISD for talking about her family," May 9)

Can this teacher not find another way to connect with her students other than show pictures of her family?

To me this is just another way of forcing your beliefs on others who have a different opinion.

—Mary Kettles,


Not the only same-sex marriage

It really wouldn't surprise me if there were other gay teachers at the Charlotte Anderson Elementary School in Mansfield.

Why don't the administrators go after them? Or better yet, why not leave Stacy Bailey alone and find a more valid fight to pick?

—Anthony Chilson Jr.,


Supports Trump on Iran treaty

I'm sure President Trump's announcement withdrawing from the Iran treaty will be met with newspaper stories and predictions from Democrats and leftists about what a catastrophe this is.

The facts are these: President Obama refused to submit this obvious treaty to the U.S. Senate for ratification, and not a single country party to this "agreement" signed off on its stated goals.

Another Obama end run about the rule of law has been negated.

—Michael Sexton,

Fort Worth

Against Trump on Iran treaty

Trump the dealmaker has blatantly reneged on the deal with Iran..

This should incur severe penalties against the United States that should be voluntarily paid by Trump.

Does he not remember the consequences of reneging on an agreement?

—Gardner Davis,


Fixing racism isn't the city's job

I have my reservations about the assumption that racism and discrimination are the causes for disparities. (" 'A truth we all need to face.' Report highlights racial disparities in Fort Worth," May 1)

Personal responsibility and/or accountability is nowhere mentioned in the report.

The premise of “institutionalized racism” seems the guiding force in this project, making me doubt the objectivity of any findings.

As a taxpayer and Hispanic I expect a conversation where all parties do their part and assume responsibility for their actions while taking care of themselves and their communities.

The city is responsible for efficiently managing our tax dollars to maintain infrastructure and manage resources while creating opportunities for people to improve their lives, not for fixing everybody’s lives.

I hope that the findings and recommendations from this project are carefully evaluated by the City Council and actions to be considered are in the best interest of the whole community.

—Yipsi Flores de Schulz,

Fort Worth